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  • Blade
  • Pinhead
  • Jester
  • Tunneler
  • Six-Shooter
  • Leech Woman
  • Torch
  • Totem
  • Mephisto
  • Retro-Blade
  • Retro-Six-Shooter
  • Cyclops
  • Drill Sergeant
  • Retro-Pinhead
  • Dr. Death
  • Decapitron

Puppet Master Action Figures were a popular line of toys released in 1997. There were many different variants of each of the characters.


  • Variants: Regular, Japanese, Gold, Bullet Eyes, White, Japanese Red, Movie Edition, 12", 12'' Bloody (Spencer's variant), Spencer's Exclusive Statue
  • Accessories: Hatchet hand
  • Gimmick: Eyes that light up red


  • Variants: Regular, Gold, Preview Exclusive, Japanese, Movie Edition, Bloody
  • Accessories: Machine gun, pickaxe, bloody rag, treasure map
  • Gimmick: Spinning drill


  • Variants: Regular, Gold, Preview Exclusive, Japanese, Halloween, Movie Edition
  • Accessories: Bumbells
  • Gimmick: Head pops up out of body


  • Variants: Regular, Gold, Preview Exclusive, Japanese, Movie Edition
  • Accessories: Scepter
  • Gimmick: Revolving head


  • Variants: Regular, Gold, Toad & Troll, Japanese, Movie Edition
  • Accessories: Six revolvers
  • Gimmick: Removable hat and guns

Leech Woman

  • Variants: Regular, Gold, Preview Exclusive, Japanese Geisha, Movie Edition
  • Accessories: Six leeches, knife
  • Gimmick: Leech wiggles in her mouth


  • Variants: Regular, Gold, Preview Exclusive, Japanese, Movie Edition
  • Accessories: Flame for gun
  • Gimmick: Eyes and gun light up


  • Variants: Regular, Limited Edition, Preview Exclusive, Japanese, Glow-in-the-Dark
  • Accessories: Power gem


  • Variants: Regular, Japanese, Japanese Red, Japanese Clear
  • Accessories: Crystal ball


  • Variants: Regular, Stealth, Japanese (5 fingers)
  • Accessories: Weapons head, Morph head and Andre Toulon head
  • Gimmick: Changeable heads


Retro Blade

  • Variants: Regular, Bloody, Preview Exclusive
  • Accessories: Claw hand

Retro Pinhead

  • Variants: Regular, Dark Side
  • Accessories: Rope, ball on a chain


  • Variants: Regular, Bloody, Preview Exclusive
  • Accessories: Telescope

Dr. Death

  • Variants: Regular, Bloody, The Mortician
  • Accessories: Knife, medical bag and stethoscope

Retro Six-Shooter

  • Variants: Regular
  • Accessories: Six extra guns

Drill Sergeant

  • Variants: Regular, Dark Side, Bullet
  • Accessories: Circular saw

Vinyl Figures

In July 2018 a company known as 'Phantasma Collectibles' teamed up with Full Moon to release 12 inch vinyl figurines of the puppets.

Neca figures

Neca has announced two packs of blade. torch. pinhead and tunneler as 2 pack figures





  • the curse of the puppet master jester costume is the Japanese exclusive
  • the previews exclusive black leech woman could be a reference to leach woman's death by being burned
  • the white blood spattered blade might be a reference when blade slashed at dr.magrew as blade is covered in blood
  • the only figure that doesn't have any exclusive is retro six shooter
  • the only two puppets that are made now these days is blade and torch as 3 inch figures and 12 inch vinyl figures
  • only a total of 5 puppets were never made during this run that being khan gypsy mutant tank and part 4 totem
  • the bullet tunnler or sliver drill sergeant and the mortician are the only ones to have different cover art as drill sergeant is colored sliver and dr death colored black and white it's unknow where the idea of these two came from
  • there are prototypes of retro blade and cyclops of there movie designs but where never produce it's unknown why they weren't made but where replaced with there concept art instead
  • there was a 12 inch six shooter but it might have been taller but only a prototype was made but never made it to production
  • a 12 inch red blade was going to be made it was never produce either but it is fans favorite variant of the character
  • the only head decapitron is missing is his scanning head