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During 1912 Andre Toulon put on a puppet show version of Faust in Cairo, Egypt with his puppet Mephisto, however an Egyptian in the audience set the stage ablaze, thus ruining the puppet show. He invited Andre and Elsa Toulon into his tent, telling them he knew an ancient secret. This is thus proven when he showed them a goblin-like creature that moved on its own without any wires or strings. He wanted to teach Toulon the method, which he then used to bring his own puppets to life, making Toulon popular with his audience.

Eternity Comics

It is revealed in the comics that Ahmed had sold an ancient scroll to Andre Toulon that contained the magic on it. During the 1940's  Captain Fritz Loemann, a Nazi that is trying to steal the secret of life from Toulon traveled to Cairo to find the man that had sold him the secret in 1912. He went into Ahmed's shop and asked him for the location of the Temple of Anubis but Ahmed didn't know any information and said he will take him to a person he knew who would know the location. That night Paul Toulon and the puppets arrived in Cairo and Tunneler was sent to kill Ahmed so that he couldn't  reveal any of the secrets. Tunneler drilled through his face. 

Action Lab Comics

Curtain Call

It is revealed that the Cairo Merchant's soul inhabited Mephisto for a long period of time before being replaced with Issac.


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  • Puppet Master: The Legacy (Archive footage)
  • Eternity Comics
  • Action Lab Comics (Mentioned)


  • Some fans consider him to be Afzel.
  • A character named Ahmed El Eskander appeared in the Eternity Comics. It is the same character as the Cairo Merchant, although his name is never revealed in the movie.