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André Toulon is the namesake for the film series Puppet Master.

André Toulon was a French puppeteer that learnt the secret of reanimation from an Egyptian sorcerer and used it in his puppet performances to make his puppets move by themselves to thrill the audience. He also used the magic to bring to life deadly puppets with the souls of his deceased friends who were murdered so that they could get revenge on those who killed them and help him protect the magic.

He had spent most of his life on the run from Nazis, demons and any others who have tried to obtain his secrets. He had committed suicide to prevent them from stealing the secrets from him, but he has returned in various forms throughout the years, such as ghosts, new human bodies, mannequins and even a puppet called Decapitron.

Retro Puppet Master

The origin of how Toulon learnt his magic is given in Retro Puppet Master. André Toulon was a young artist, puppeteer and medical student who would put on successful midnight puppet performances at his theater in Paris during 1902. During this time he had fallen in love with a Swiss woman named Elsa who was staying with her father who worked at the Swiss Embassy. One night Afzel, a three thousand year old sorcerer from Egypt had escaped to Paris to hide from three mummies that were resurrected by the demon god Sutekh that were sent to kill him for stealing a scroll which contained the secret of afterlife from a tomb in Cairo. The mummies eventually traced Afzel to Paris but since they could not be seen in public they hired two thugs to assassinate him for them.

The thugs located Afzel who was outside of Toulon's theater and began to attack him but Elsa spotted them and informed Toulon who came out and rescued him. Afzel told Toulon who he was and explained that he was dying and he had chosen him to pass the secrets onto as the demon gods were planning to rise and destroy humanity and the secret was the only protection against them. Toulon did not believe his story so Afzel said some magic words which made his puppets get up and walk around on their own, they then carved a symbol and put it up on the wall, which he explained was a symbol of protection so that the mummies could not locate them. Toulon then went outside to get some fresh air as he couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. While outside he found the body of a beggar who had frozen to death in the snow.

Afzel then told Toulon to take the body inside and gave him a small golden ring to wear that had a tiny spike on the end of it. Afzel then told him to stab the ring into the back of the neck of the beggar's body, which would cause the blood to mix with the elixir inside the ring and then inject it into one of the puppets. Afzel then taught him how to say some magic word which he said and the puppet came to life. Toulon then began to believe him about his story and took the body of the beggar outside to bury. That night Toulon's theater was raided by the guards from the embassy who were sent by Elsa's father to beat him up and warned him never to see her again. They left him by the side of the road unconscious and the next morning the other puppeteers arrived at the theater to begin working. One of them accidentally knocked down the symbol of protection on the door which then allowed the mummies to sense Afzel's location and then they came out of hiding to kill him.

When the mummies arrived at the theater the puppeteers attacked them but they were too strong and they killed them all with their magic spells. Afzel then committed suicide with his own magic which caused the mummies to head back to Egypt as they felt their mission was a success and did not know that Toulon now had possession of the magic. When Toulon arrived back to the theater he found Afzel and all of his colleagues dead bodies and began to feel upset and angry. He closed down the theater and he apologized to their bodies and honored them by transferring all of their souls into his puppets, which all had hidden weapons inside of them. While Toulon was using the magic the mummies sensed him and came back to the theater to kill him. Toulon tried to attack them but they used their magical spells on him which nearly killed him but the puppets fought the mummies and protected him. While the mummies were temporarily knocked out Toulon had the puppets cut the symbol of protection into his arm so that no matter where he went they could not track him down, he then took the puppets in a box to the train-station to escape from Paris as it was no longer safe there.

Sutekh woke the mummies back up and since they could not trace where Toulon was they decided to bring him to them instead. The mummies raided the Swiss Embassy and killed the guards inside and kidnapped Elsa, Sutekh then gave one of the mummies a new power that enabled him to send a dream to everybody asleep in Paris that night. The dream involved Elsa on a train tied up by the mummies where they threatened to kill her if Toulon did not come to save her. Toulon had gotten this dream and realized that it had meaning behind it and quickly boarded the next train. He then found Elsa tied up inside of it by the mummies and with the help of the puppets fought them. Toulon managed to win the fight and threw the corpses of the mummies out of the train window and untied Elsa. He then explained to her about the magic and introduced her to the puppets they then both escaped to Germany to start a new life. Toulon would only return to Paris a few years later to teach medicine at a university. But after the first World War he could not stand the sight of blood so he gave up that profession.

Puppet Master III

Before the events of this movie Toulon had became a very famous puppeteer who toured all over the world with his string-less puppet performances but as he had gotten older he retired and only put on small shows for children. During the 1940's when World War II began and Germany was taken over by the Nazi empire, four of Toulon's friends were murdered by them. Toulon then carved four puppets (Six-Shooter, PinheadTunneler and Jester) and put their souls into them to bring them to life so that his friends could continue to live and be able to get revenge on those who killed them. He had started to study alchemy and used it to turn the magic he had learnt from Afzel into an elixir that he could continue to use.

In 1941 he started to put on satirical puppet performances which displayed his disdain to the Third Reich which depicted an Adolf Hitler puppet being attacked by Six-Shooter who was representing the United States. After the performance Toulon would meet with the children in the audience and play magic tricks on them and give them candy. A Nazi lieutenant Eric Stein saw one of these performances and warned Toulon to change the subject matter of the show but he refused. Later that night Toulon would feed his four puppets the elixir with a syringe to make them stronger. Eric Stein then spied on Toulon in his workshop through a window and took photos of the puppets walking around on their own. During this time the Nazis were working on a secret project involving reanimating their dead soldiers to be put back into the battlefield.

Eric handed in the photos of Toulon's puppet performance as well as his puppets moving around to Major Kraus, who then ordered him to be arrested for mocking Hitler and reveal the secrets to his puppets so that it could be used in their reanimation project. The Nazis raided Toulon's home and stole the magic, but Elsa tried to stop them but she was shot and killed in the process. Toulon and two of the puppets were then placed into a car to be taken back to their headquarters and questioned. Tunneler and Pinhead then killed both of the Nazis in the car which allowed Toulon to escape back to his house where he found it partially burnt down and he reunited with his other puppets. He then took them to an old bombed out building to hide while the whole of Berlin were trying to track him down. He then began to plot revenge on each of the Nazis that caused his wife's death.

The first person he exacted his revenge on was General Mueller. He put on a disguise to look like a blind man with a hat and glasses covering his face, a money collection tin, a cane and a sign in his hand. He then placed Six-Shooter in the area where Mueller was staying so that he could kill him. After successfully killing Mueller, he broke into the morgue and cut open Elsa's head with a scalpel and extracted some of her brain matter. He then broke into the pharmacy where he used the equipment inside to create more of the elixir. He then mixed it with the brain matter and blood of Elsa and injected it into a puppet he had carved in her likeness which brought it to life. He then placed some of the medical leeches in the pharmacy into the puppet's mouth so that it could be used as a weapon in defense and named the puppet Leech Woman.

Toulon then exacted his revenge on Eric Stein by unleashing Jester, Pinhead and Leech Woman on him while he was fixing his car in the street, alone at night. At the hideout there were two other fugitives Mr. Hertz and his son Peter who were also hiding from the Nazis. Both of them remembered Toulon from watching one of his puppet performances and Peter befriended the puppets and helped Toulon by stealing bread from the local market so that they could eat. On one occasion a Nazi soldier had entered the hideout but they all hid in the dark and were not spotted. Toulon then began to carve a new puppet that looked exactly like Major Kraus to represent what a small man he really was. Toulon used the help of Peter to go back to his house and steal supplies to fix up the puppets but he was caught by a Nazi surgeon Dr. Hess who was at his house.

Peter led Hess back to the hideout where he explained to Toulon that he had betrayed the Nazis and wanted to work with him and use the magic to for the purpose of good in the world. During this time Hertz had made a deal with Kraus to tell him where Toulon was hiding in exchange for his wife's freedom, who had been wrongly accused of being a spy and was imprisoned at a concentration camp. Kraus then stormed the hideout with the Nazis and the puppets fought them while Toulon, Peter and Hess escaped out of the back door. Hess was killed by one of the Nazis while they escaped and Toulon put his soul into his newest Kraus puppet and named it Blade. He then returned back to his house to rest and dreamed about the Homunculus. Peter then woke him and told him that he wanted to help him escape. Toulon then stole a Nazi's uniform and wore it to get into the Gestapo Headquarters, there he unleashed Blade and the other puppets on Kraus.

Kraus then fired his gun and shot Toulon in the arm, but the puppets stabbed him in both his arms, both his legs and the back of his neck with hooks and strung him up like a puppet. Toulon then set fire to a Swastika which then burnt the rope Kraus was tied to and caused him to fall down to his death on a halberd axe. Toulon then stole Kraus's clothes and had his passport forged to include a picture of himself inside of it. Toulon then pretended to be Kraus and took Peter and the puppets to the train station to escape to Switzerland. While hiding in Switzerland Toulon told the puppets the story of how he learnt the magic and how he met Elsa.

Puppet Master

In 1941 (wrongly titled 1939 in the movie) many months after the events in Berlin and after escaping from Switzerland, Toulon had arrived at the Bodega Bay Inn hotel in California. In his hotel room he would listen to classical music and build and paint inanimate puppets to decorate his room with. He had also cut out a secret hiding place in the wall to put the puppet trunk in emergencies and he often allowed Blade to wonder around the hotel on his own. One day while repainting Jester, two Nazis (Max and Klaus) arrived at the hotel to kill him for what he did in Berlin and steal his puppets and the magic. Blade and his newest puppet Kahn both warned him that they were arriving, so he hid all of the living puppets in the trunk and put them in the hiding place in the wall.

When the two Nazis approached his door, he put a gun to his mouth and shot himself. The Nazis then kicked down his door and stormed in to search for the puppets but could find no trace of them so they left. Toulon was buried by the hotel staff at the Shady Oaks Cemetery and an news article was written about the case.

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

Shortly before his suicide he befriended a disabled carpenter Danny Coogan who worked at the hotel. Toulon told him about his past and showed him his living puppets and the secret hiding place. Danny heard the gun shot when Toulon committed suicide and entered the room just as the Nazis were leaving. He then took over from Toulon as the puppet's new master and took them back to his house used them on three separate missions to foil Nazi's plans that were hiding out in America. The puppets would then end up back in the hotel and would be discovered many years later by Neil Gallagher in the late 1980's.

Puppet Master II

Years after the main events of the original Puppet Master movie, Pinhead dug up Toulon's grave then the puppets resurrected him with the last of their elixir. When Toulon came back to life he wrapped his decomposed body up with bandages and wore leather gloves and black goggles. He also wore a black cape and a fedora. He renamed himself 'Eriquee Chaneé' and began to smoke heavily as a way to deal with the pain of his body being rotten. He started to build a new puppet with a flame thrower on its arm that resembled a Nazi soldier robot. He named the puppet Torch and brought it to life with a strange fire spell, which was much different to the way he brought his other puppets to life. He then sent the puppets out to kill people in the night so that they could bring back the victim's brain matter that could be used to make more of the elixir. Leech Woman was killed on one of these missions.

During this time a team of parapsychologists were investigating the hotel after the disappearances of a group of psychics that stayed at the hotel a few years prior. Toulon hid in an a room in the attic and began to spy on them. One of the team members Carolyn Bramwell resembled his wife Elsa, so much so that he began to turn insane and obsessive towards her and began to think that she was his wife reincarnated and he had built a life-size mannequin of himself and Elsa and planned to kidnap her and transfer both of their souls into the new bodies so that they could live forever. He has also promised the puppets that if they helped him he would let them become their old selves again. Toulon then sent the puppets out to kill two of the parapsychologists so that he could harvest their brain for the elixir, as there was no more people around the area of the hotel to kill.

Toulon began teaching Pinhead and Blade how to make the elixir alone and Jester had become very weak at this point so Toulon had built him a small throne to sit in and promised him that he would get the elixir first. Tunneler killed one of the parapsychologists, but was caught and damaged badly by them. Toulon came to retrieve him but was confronted with three of the parapsychologists. He lied to them and told them he was a burn victim from Bucharest who owned the hotel. One night Toulon dreamed about a memory of when he visited Egypt in 1912. In the dream Toulon was shown to be a popular French puppeteer, putting on an adaptation of Faust. An Egyptian man then set fire to the stage, apparently using his mind, and the play was ruined. Later, the Egyptian confronted Toulon and his wife, telling them that he knew the ancient secret of life. He proved this by showing the two of them a goblin-like puppet which moved on its own accord. Toulon then paid the man to learn the method so that he could be popular with crowds, after this the dream ended.

The next day Toulon danced with Carolyn in the hotel but realized that she had a boyfriend and he was also staying in the hotel. Toulon became very jealous and angry and sent out the puppets to kill all of the people in the hotel apart from Carolyn, who he had kidnapped and tied up in his room. He had revealed his identity to her and planned to double cross the puppets and keep all the elixir for himself and for Carolyn to be used to transfer their souls into the mannequin bodies. He said some magic words and then drank a goblet of the elixir, then he proceeded to cut his throat and bleed into the mannequins mouth through a funnel. Toulon's rotted corpse then fell on the floor and started to melt and a few seconds later he awoke in his new mannequin body. Toulon then began to squeal like a pig and realized that the puppets had been bringing back animal brains instead of human brains for the elixir which made him very angry and insulted them.

Then he attempted to transfer Carolyn's body into the second mannequin but her boyfriend Michael kicked down the door and rescued her. Then the puppets turned on him after they realized that he had lied to them and Blade cut his leg which caused all of the elixir to spill out on the floor. Pinhead then smashed his hand to pieces with a cane and Torch set him on fire. Toulon then stumbled around the room screaming and then fell out of the window to his death.

Puppet Master IV & V

A few years after the events of Puppet Master II, Andre Toulon returned to the Bodega Bay Inn hotel in the form of a friendly ghost. The hotel had now became the property of new owners and a young scientist named Rick Myers was staying at the hotel working on his robotics project and also acting as the hotel's new caretaker. During this time the dark god Sutekh in the Underworld had sent two small Totem demons to kill Rick's boss and were now planning to send a third to kill Rick in revenge for playing around with artificial intelligence. Toulon's ghost would try warn Rick and show him that his presence was there by ringing the doorbell but he was too weak. Blade was also hiding in the hotel at this point and the only one of the puppets that was sentient, the others had no elixir in them and were asleep in the trunk in a storage room. Rick invited his girlfriend Susie to stay at the hotel and she took with her two of her friends Cameron and Lauren. Lauren was a psychic girl who used her abilities to locate the puppet trunk.

After discovering the puppets Rick then read Toulon's diary which noted down everything that had happened in his life from the day he discovered the magic up until his death. After reading this Rick found the elixir and decided to see if what he had read was true and injected it into the puppets. All of the puppets woke up and Rick was shocked to discover that it was true. After this the three Totems arrived at the hotel and killed Cameron. The puppets fought them to protect Rick and were being guided by the spirit of Toulon who was telling them what to do. After the puppets had killed two of the Totems they then lead Rick to a box hidden somewhere in the hotel. Inside the box was Decapitron, an unfinished puppet Toulon had been working on that had the ability to use three different heads which all had a different power. The puppets worked together to tie various cables together that were connected to Decapitron and link them to a satellite on the hotel's roof. After the lightning had struck the satellite it has passed as an electric bolt through the cable and into Decapitron, which also activated a tube that was stuck into the side of his neck which fed the elixir into him.

After this Decapitron came to life with the spirit of Toulon inside of it and using the weapons head he destroyed the final Totem with its electrical attack. Pinhead then took of the weapons head and replaced it with a morphing head which allowed Toulon's face to be projected into the puppet and explain to him that he is the puppets new master and that there is an even more powerful Totem coming to the hotel and that only the magic could protect them from it.The next day Rick was arrested for suspicion of murdering Cameron and his bosses. Rick was quickly bailed out by the owner of the company he worked for Dr. Jennings. After Rick told Jennings about the living puppets, Jennings secretly formed a group of three thugs to break into the hotel and steal one of the puppets so he could use it in his robotics company and get rich. The puppets hid out of sight from the men. Sutekh had also arrived at the hotel in the form of a powerful Totem.

Rick arrived at the hotel just as the Totem was killing all of Jenning's thugs. Decapitron used his x-ray head to look through the walls and locate the Totem so that he could destroy it. When Jennings found Rick he hit him over the head to knock him out so that he could steal one of the puppets without being stopped. Decapitron then used the morph head to project Jennings face onto it to tell Jennings that he was a bad and greedy person, then Torch killed him.After this Susie arrived at the hotel to look for Rick. During this point the hotel had turned into a big battle ground. The puppets and the Totem were fighting in the main lobby, the puppets were being lead by Decapitron, who spoke to them from beyond the grave, giving them tips on how to defeat the Totem. Decapitron and the Totem fought with their attacks, both injuring each other. Then the Totem attempted to summon a portal to escape but Decapitron used all of his energy to kill the Totem which caused the entire lobby to explode. All of the puppets were damaged too in the destruction but were taken back to Rick's house to be repaired. Toulon's spirit came through one final time to tell him that his time was over and that his spirit will always be with him but he is handing over the possession of the puppets to him.

Puppet Master: The Legacy

Toulon had left a tape recorder of him recounting everything that happened to him in his past and even events after his 'death' for Peter Hertz to listen to.

Action Lab Comics

Information Needed

Memorable Quotes

  • We will be avengers, we will be destroyers of evil.
  • Let's begin.
  • No mercy my friends! No mercy!
  • Be careful what you say. My friends are very sensitive
  • Tomorrow we start all over again. Killing murderers in the middle of a war.
  • What a shame we did not have more time.
  • Murder my Elsa? Ha! I knew they could not rob me of her forever!
  • Sutekh, you will be destroyed. 
  • I'm an artist not a sorcerer. 
  • Three lives have been lost tonight to your senseless greed.
  • Good night fellow puppeteer
  • Like looking in a mirror, is it not? Now you can see what a small man you really are, Major Kraus
  • You will be afraid


  • In the first movie it said that Toulon died during 1939, but it was later changed to 1941 in the next four movies. This is just a minor error and doesn't effect the plot. Toulon's official death in the franchise is 1941.
  • In Curse Of The Puppet Master, his name was only on a sign.
  • Two different origins are given for his discovery of the secret of life. The first is given in Puppet Master II, which is reinforced in Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge. The other is given in Retro Puppet Master. In the Action Lab Comics it is explained that Toulon originally learnt the spell from Afzel, but later a more refined spell from the Cairo Merchant.
  • Toulon told the Cairo Merchant that he was an artist and not a sorcerer, possibly meaning that he had given up using Afzel's magic for awhile and came up with a new method to make the puppets move, without the assitance of magic.
  • Actor Christopher Lee was available to play Toulon in the unfinished Puppet Wars trilogy.
  • His look in the second movie was based on the Invisible Man movies and his alias he uses is a reference to Lon Chaney and the role of Eric he played in The Phantom of the Opera.

Toulon Mannequin


Puppet Master 2, The Legacy (archive footage)


Michael Todd, Steve Welles (Voice)


Deceased (burnt by Torch)

Toulon Mannequin is a character in Puppet Master II. He appears briefly at the end of the film after Andre Toulon successfully manages to transfer his soul inside of the mannequin in order to sustain eternal life. The Toulon mannequin appears to move in the same mannerisms as an actual human being. He then attempts to transfer Carolyn Bramwell's soul inside of the Elsa Mannequin, but she spits out the serum and is intervened by Michael Kenney. The Toulon mannequin then threatens to slit Carolyn's throat but gets distracted by Jester who is running away with the last remaining goblet of the serum. He is tripped up by Pinhead and the puppets act on their revenge for Toulon's betrayal, giving Carolyn and Michael the time they need to escape. Blade soon slashes the mannequin's arm and Pinhead smashes his hand with a metal pipe. Ultimately, the Toulon mannequin is killed by Torch, who engulfs it in flames, causing it to fall out of the window. His good parts of soul later transfers in to the puppet Decapitron.


Memorable Quotes

  • "Stay back, you fool!"



This version of André Toulon was very different from the original and was heavily into the occult and had a great disdain towards Jewish people. He had joined his family's business of building, performing and selling puppets in 1912 and used the power he had learnt through the occult to bring them to life and terrorize and kill those he deemed unfit. He had spent many years as a criminal in prisons across Europe, until he escaped to Berlin, Germany and assisted the Nazis in their Final Solution mission and built puppets to kill innocent people.

After the war was over he had moved to America where he continued to build killers puppets as part of a mail order service as well as torture people, before the police tracked him down and killed him. Even after he had died he was still able to control his puppets as he was placed in a tomb that harnessed dark powers and eventually returned in 2018 as a supernatural monster.

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

This version of André Toulon was born in Paris, France in 1907 and from a early age he was employed into his family business known as 'Les magique marionettes de Toulon' where he built, sold and performed puppets. Toulon started to become fascinated with the occult and gain a hatred towards Jewish people and used a dark power to give life to his puppets, which he used to kill groups of people that he disliked. One of the earliest puppets Toulon's family had built was a Blade puppet that had a skull head and was based on the Grim Reaper. During the first World War, Toulon began to build Kaiser puppets for children that were designed to reflect the German military. During the late 1920's Toulon was tied to hate crime murders and was arrested and served time in prisons all across Europe including Paris, Luxembourg and Norway, before he became an escaped convict and fled to Berlin, Germany in 1931.

During his time in Berlin he had continued to build and mass produce puppets for children including Autogyro, Grasshüpfer, Grasshüpfer and Jewish propaganda puppets called Money Lender. In 1939 he had caught the attention of the Nazis and they asked him to join them since they both shared the same hatred towards Jewish people and other certain groups. It was during this time that he had befriended Adolf Eichmann and joined their Final Solution mission and they used his puppets as blood hounds to seek out and kill people that hey deemed unfit for the Third Reich. The puppets slaughtered thousands of innocent Jewish families all across Europe. It was around this time that he began to build Mechaniker puppets that were recycled from American planes and tanks that the German army had destroyed and also Junior Fuhrer and Mr. Pumper puppets that helped children learn about saving the planet.

As Toulon assisted the Nazis he started to become very wealthy and in 1945 when war was coming to an end and Germany surrounded, he had sent blueprints and gold bars to the Postville in the United States so that he could escape there ans build a mansion to hide in. He and his wife Madeleine boarded a ship that was heading to America and on the way the puppets were commanded to kill everyone on board. Madeleine jumped off of the boat and committed suicide before their arrival. Toulon then had his mansion built and continued to build puppets and practice the occult in its basement, he also started a collection of memorabilia from his time in Berlin. He had started a mail order service to ship his puppets to people all over the world so that one day he can bring them to life and make a world wide slaughter. He had also built a sound proof room where he would kidnap Jewish people and train his puppets to torture and kill them and drain their blood. 

In 1989 Toulon had visited the Easy Comfort Lounge at the Brass Buckle Lodge where he started to act disrespectful to the two waitresses that worked there and asked them to serve him like the women did in the Berlin brothels, but they revealed to him that they were lesbians, which disgusted him and caused him to storm out of the bar. He then went home and used his occult power to send his Pinhead puppet to kill them both and then two police officers lead by Carol Doreski found the bodies and small foot prints in the dirt, which led them to Toulon and they confronted him in his basement and he lifted up his Luger and aimed it at them, but they shot him four times and he died. After this his distant relatives built a tomb that harnessed occult power through diamond rods in the roof, which allowed his corpse to still have power over his puppets, even in death.

In 2018 there is was convention at the Postville Lodge which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the murders in 1989 and people from all around the world were gathered there to bring the Toulon puppets that they owned to sell them at an auction. During this convention Toulon used the occult power to wake up 45 of the puppets and they killed as many guests as possible and they were commanded to single out Jewish people, homosexuals, gypsies and black people first. One of the guests at the convention named Edgar teamed up with his friends, including a bar keeper named Cuddly Bear and fight back against the puppets. Edgar then drove to Toulon's tomb and crashed his car into it as he realized that is the source of the power and Toulon woke up out of his death and had become a seven foot undead skeletal monster that had tree branches growing out of his skin and a purple dark power glowing inside him. He was wounded by being hit over the head with a metal pole by Edgar and then he killed his girlfriend Ashley by shooting her in a head and then he escaped into a forest. After this Edgar wrote a comic book about what he witnessed entitled Madame Lightning.

Memorable Quotes

  • All my bills are this size
  • A lemon. Please cut it in half
  • Rester dans l'ombre (Remain in the shadows)

Eternity Comics

On November 13, 1938, in Berlin, French puppeteer André Toulon puts on a puppet rendition mocking Adolf Hitler, and four Nazis, led by Captain Fritz Loemann, following orders by General Muller, break into his house, where they brutally kill his wife, Elsa. With nothing but revenge on his mind, Toulon, using the method of reanimation, takes cerebellum and pituitary brain matter from Elsa and uses it to bring to life his first living puppet, Leech Woman. Leech Woman kills the boy from the Hitler Youth that ratted Toulon out, and his brain matter is used to give her a brother, Blade. Blade and Leech Woman sneak into General Muller's car, and brutally kill him, his mistress, and the driver; all brain matter is used to give life to Pinhead and Tunneler. After brutally killing Fritz's secretary, Toulon and the puppets have no choice but to leave Fritz and Hans Faulhaber alive for now to escape Germany and head to America. Toulon goes to America and stays at the Bodega Bay Inn, which is run and operated by Toulon's cousin Paul Toulon.

On March 15, 1939, Fritz and Hans track Toulon to the Bodega Bay Inn. After giving life to Jester, the image of Toulon himself, André hides the puppets behind a wall panel and commits suicide. His body is buried in the Shady Oaks cemetery behind the hotel. Three weeks after Toulon's death, Paul decides to let tourists sleep in his room again, and it's booked by horror movie actor, Chuck Dalton. The night before Chuck's arrival, Fritz and Hans sneak back into the room and manage to find the puppets behind the wall panel, only to be attacked, and Hans kills the maid upon being discovered. Thinking the puppets and the room are booby-trapped, they leave. The next day, Chuck Dalton arrives, along with Susan Straun, a wannabe actress who has to audition for Chuck in order to appear in one of his films. She meets Paul and they both feel a connection between them. Arriving at the hotel is Hans, along with Helga Faulkenberg, an employee of Krapps Shipping in San Francisco. They're undercover as man and wife so they can sneak back into Toulon's room. Finding out it's booked by Chuck Dalton, Helga manages to seduce Chuck to let her into the room, where she drugs him to search for the puppets. She finds the wall panel, where the maid's body was hidden by the puppets, and is killed upon discovering her body. While Susan and a recovering Chuck go downstairs for dinner, Hans sneaks back into the room, finds the bodies, and shoots Chuck dead when he and Susan return. The puppets kill Hans before he can get to Susan. Paul comes across a bloody Susan, and finds Andre's diary, and while reading it, the puppets use the elixir to bring Andre back from the grave.

Two weeks later, Herr Kron, chairman of Krapps Shipping (and a German-American who is aiding Fritz in his mission), demands to know what happened to Helga and Hans. After telling him everything that happened, Fritz explains that, through the Egyptian papyrus, journals and notes hidden in Elsa's grave, he was able to link Toulon's discovery of reanimation back to Cairo, Egypt. Back in November 19, 1919, Andre bought the Egyptian papyrus for sustaining eternal life from a Cairo Merchant named Ahmed El Eskander, and the secret resides in the temple of Anubis. Figuring Toulon went back to Cairo in search of the temple, Fritz, along with Herr Gruber and Doktor, goes to Eskander's shop, demanding to know the temple's location. Eskander tells them there's a man nicknamed "One Eye" in Thebes who knows the location, and will get him to go with them the next day. That night, Eskander is brutally killed by the puppets, who have traveled there with Paul on a mission by Andre to protect the temple's secret. The next night, the puppets kill Doktor and scare off One Eye, allowing Paul to assume One Eye's identity. The next day, Fritz, Gruber and Paul in disguise arrive at the temple, where Fritz begins to take pictures. The puppets kill Gruber and blow the temple up with dynamite, but Fritz manages to escape with the camera. Upon arriving back at the Bodega Bay Inn, Andre is displeased to hear from Paul that Fritz is still alive. Fritz returns to Krapps Shipping with the pictures, finding out Jester tampered with the camera. He realizes the secret of reanimation is the puppets themselves.

That night Fritz returns to the Bodega Bay Inn, where Paul and Susan, now working as a maid, are being questioned by reporter Lee Maxwell about the disappearances of Betty, Helga, Chuck and Hans. Later, Paul goes to the attic of the Ivory Tower, where André, along with the puppets, have been hiding. Toulon is working on a new puppet called Torch, and with the brain material from the four victims, Toulon plans to give himself and the puppets 50 more years of life and travel the Americas. Paul disapproves of this lifestyle and wants André to leave when the elixir is done brewing in two days. Lee, seeing Paul come from the attic, sneaks up there and sees Toulon and the puppets. He goes to the lounge to call his boss, and his killed by Fritz, who sets Blade up for the murder. Paul, thinking Blade killed him, attacks André and the puppets protect him from Paul. The puppets, André and Susan get Paul to bed to heal his wounds. Realizing that Fritz set Blade up, the puppets and André head back to the attic and find Fritz there with the elixir in his hand. Fritz offers Toulon to go back with him to Germany, where they can bring Elsa back and all of Europe will provide him resources to aid her kind. After asking Leech Woman what to do, Toulon says no. Fritz shoots Leech Woman and Jester as Blade, Tunneler and Pinhead attack him. Toulon lunges at him, sending both men falling into water below. Fritz dies and Toulon manages to crawl out of the water alive but is close to death. He uses the fluid to sustain Leech Woman and Jester's lives. André dies once again, and is put back into the ground by Paul and Susan, now raising the puppets as their own children, finally coming into terms of appreciating them, just like Andre’ did.


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