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Anthony Gallagher is a young boy who resides at the Bouldeston Institute for the Mentally Troubled Tots and Teens. He is a handicapped boy, who due to a car accident, both of his legs were amputated, so he uses a pair of wooden legs. He is often bullied at the institute by the teens Jared and Daniel, who even beat him and stole his two legs. Because of them, Anthony is terrified of a so called wooden woman named Camille. In fact, Anthony learns that the two bullies were killed and he is convinced that it was Camille who killed them. So even after many people try to convince him that Camille is only a legend, he does not believe that. So he escapes the institution and makes his way to the Bodega Bay Inn to find Andre Toulon's puppets. He heard stories that Camille would use the puppets to harm children, but they broke away from her. He gets there to learn that they are indeed real and asks their help in stopping her from killing more kids, which they agree to do so.


  • According to one of Anapa's servants, Tony is the son of a psychic.
  • In issue eleven of the series, Anthony is revealed to be the son of the infamous Neil Gallagher.


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