Vs. Demonic Toys


Anton Falk, Christopher Bergschneider



Bael is the demon of greed, wealth and profit. He appears in Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys. He can only be summoned by using innocent blood from a female virgin. Mr. Sharpe the owner of the Sharpe Toys Industries once sold his soul to Bael in exchange for Demonic Toys, three living and breathing toys that were a gift for his daughter Erica Sharpe.

After selling his soul, he died and Erica took over his company. Erica was not satisfied with the Demonic Toys as they were not loyal to her, and she did research into Andre Toulon a famous puppet master that apparently had living puppets that obeyed him. Bael hates the Toulon family as Jean Paul Toulon, the father of Andre Toulon sold his soul to Bael in exchange for the secrets of alchemy, but when Bael came to collect the soul, it was trapped inside an old oak tree. Erica makes a deal with Bael that if she can bring him one of the Toulon family members to kill, he will give her millions of toys to sell to children, that will wake up on Christmas morning and murder everyone and let the whole world become her playground. When Erica is unsuccessful in bringing a Toulon family member for him, he decides to take her to Hell to be his eternal slave.


  • Puppet Master Vs. Demonic Toys