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Beth, along with a group of friends including her boyfriend, Corey all went to spend the night at the Bodega Bay Inn. They all hoped to enjoy the evening with beer and sex however her friends began being picked off by Andre Toulon's puppets. Her friends Shane and Rachel were killed by Tunneler, then Barry was killed by Pinhead. Due to the killings, the remaining four split up into teams of two to find Shane and Rachel, who they did not know had died yet. As Beth and Nick searched the house, Nick unfortunately met his demise by Torch. Six-Shooter almost killed her, but she managed to get away. However before Nick died, he told Beth that their trip to come to the Inn was in fact Corey's idea. Beth learned that Corey had become the puppet's new master and he ordered the puppets to kill his friends. She learned from Corey that he had inherited his mother's stomach cancer and that he believed the puppets could cure him if he killed them. Beth escaped Corey from killing her thanks to the Jester who spared her, because she left a tribute doll in the hotel. Corey caught up with Beth, then he stabbed her in her stomach, but she was saved again by Jester. He told them to turn on Corey, then Blade ended up killing him. Finally she was confronted by Decapitron, who morphed into Toulon to explain how  Corey became their master. She then demanded that Toulon put Corey's soul in her keychain, which he reluctantly did. A few weeks later, Beth had Corey in her possession, then to avenge her friends, Beth began mutilating Corey's keychain doll.


  • Action Lab Comics (The Offering, Boy of Wood)


Beth was also the name of a character that appeared in the Axis Trilogy, although both characters are totally unrelated.