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List of books

  • Full Moon Art Collection
  • It Came from the Video Asile!
  • Confessions of a Puppetmaster
  • Puppet Master retrospective (coming soon!)

List of Magazines

  • Gorezone #21
  • Fangoria #83, #90, #105, #129, #133, #192, #1 (revival)
  • Scream #2, #13
  • Cinefantastique #21.5
  • HorrorHound #38
  • Delirium #2, #6

All of the different books that have something to do with the Puppet Master movies.


Full Moon Art Collection

Full Moon Features: The Art Collection book is a book that contained art work from the Full Moon movies, and included a large Puppet Master franchise section. It was released for Halloween, 2016.

It Came from the Video Aisle! Inside Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment Studio

A book written by author David Jay which is about Full Moon studio, and a lot of inside information into the Puppet Master movies and a few rare photos.

Confessions of a Puppetmaster

This is a memoir book all about Charles Band's career.

Puppet Master retrospective

A book written by a fan (Nat Brehmer). This book will be the complete history of the Puppet Master franchise and will feature 100s of interviews from people who have worked on the movies and lots of new information.

Magazines that include Puppet Master articles

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