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Carissa Stamford


Puppet Master 1, Puppet Master 2 (mentioned)


Kathryn O'Reilly


Deceased (drilled in the mouth by Tunneler)

Carissa Stamford is one of the primary protagonists in the first Puppet Master film.

She is a psychic, being able to tell the past history of any objects she touches. Through premonitions brought on by Neil Gallagher, a former colleague, Carissa (along with her lover Frank ForresterDana Hadley, and Alex Whitaker) are summoned to Bodega Bay Inn. Carissa is portrayed by American actress Kathryn O'Reilly.

Puppet Master

Carissa and her lover Frank first appear having their friend and colleague Dana predict their future at a local carnival. Dana has a vision of having her throat slashed, causing her to panic and clutch at her throat. Carissa and her other colleagues soon hear about the suicide of former colleague Neil and head to Bodega Bay Inn where Neil and his wife Megan Gallagher were residing. Carissa steps onto an elevator and begins to panic, having visions of Neil raping a young blonde girl on the elevator. Later on that night, Carissa and Frank begin to make love when they start to hear noises. Carissa checks under the bed, where she sees Tunneler. He then drills into her face, killing her in the process.

Her corpse later appears in the kitchen near the end of the film when Megan and Alex meet up with the undead Neil.


Memorable Quotes

"You know I can't help it Frankie"

"What would you do with the power?"

"Something happened in this elevator"