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FullMoon Direct:

  • Puppet Master cover art
  • Blade in the darkness
  • FullMoon logo (featuring the puppets)
  • Axis Termination cover art
  • Dan Mumford's artwork


  • Four of the puppets in red

Terror Threads: (all of these were available in various shirt types, hoodies and vests)

  • Six-Shooter
  • Pinhead
  • Leech Woman
  • Blade
  • Christmas Blade
  • Jester
  • William Hickey with the puppets
  • The puppets standing in a line
  • Blade key-hole
  • Torch leading the puppets
  • Bodega Bay Nightmare

All of the different officially licensed Puppet Master t-shirts and clothing released by FullMoon or a company that partnered with them (such as Fright Rags or Terror Threads).

Fullmoon Direct

These are the official shirts that Fullmoon released on their FullmoonDirect website.


In 2008 the company known as Fright-Rags produced a shirt which featured art containing Pinhead, Torch, Tunneler and Blade in a red color.

Terror Threads

Throughout the 2010's a company known as Terror Threads has released many different Puppet Master themed clothing. Their designs could be purchased on different types of shirts, hoodies and vests.