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Decapitron is one of the puppets featured near the end of both Puppet Master 4 and Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter. Its appearance is modeled after André Toulon's outfit from Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge . He wears black gloves, a brown jacket with a black undershirt and a black belt. Its regular head has indented eyes and nose, and the base of its' head seems to resemble the base of a light bulb. Its name seems to reflect the fact he has interchangable heads, when taking them off would make him decapitate himself.

Not much is known about Decapitron's background, other than the fact he was an unfinished puppet André Toulon worked on while he was alive. Decapitron's height and weight are also not revealed in the films as well. Decapitron has the soul of André Toulon, the namesake and creator of the puppets in the Puppet Master franchise.

Unlike the other puppet creations of André Toulon's, Decapitron cannot be activated by having the formula injected directly through a needle. Rather, it has to be activated by the formula combined with an electric current. Also unlike other puppets its activation seems to be temporary.

When activated, its regular 'morph head' can take on the appearance of André Toulon, who gives the current Puppet Master, Rick Myers, advice. It can also project other people's faces and voices as it did with Dr. Jennings. The regular head has been temporarily swapped out for two other heads. One replacement head is similar to a robotic head that echoes robots from 50's science fiction films. When Decaptitron has this head it can project electric currents at enemies. Another head has telescopic and x-ray vision. It is unknown if other heads exist but it seems likely.

It is also seen to be one of the stronger puppets, since it is the only one that can kill the strongest Totem in Puppet Master 4 and Sutekh in Puppet Master 5. Although it only has a brief appearance in both of those films, because it is Toulon, it is also the leader of the puppets who leads the charge to defeat the Totems and Sutekh.

Physical appearance

Decapitron is a headless puppet that wears a brown leather jacket and brown pants that are tucked into knee high boots. He has dark brown gloves and has only four fingers on each hand. Where his head should be is a stump where three different heads can be placed.


Its’ name seems to reflect the fact he has interchangeable heads, when taking them off would make him decapitate himself.

The first being, its’ head can replace itself with the head of André Toulon, who gives the current Puppet Master, Rick Myers, advice along the way. The second being if it is an enemy of the Puppet Master, a different head appears and causes the puppets to attack them (This only happened on the 5th film though). The third being that it can change its heads around, which can help it harness and project electric current at enemies.

It is also seen to be one of the powerful puppets, since it is the only one that can kill the Totems in “The Demon” and The Dark Totem in “The Final Chapter”.

Name Appearance Abilities Notes
Morph Dark blue, bald featureless humanoid Changes to different forms of people’s head and speak
War Gold and square with two machine gun turrets on the side and four metal antennas on top that are linked to a silver ball in the middle Shoots out electric laser beams. Machine gun turrets fires lethal lasers It’s only used for battles and wars.
Surveillance Silver and oval with gold patterns on it. On the top is a transparent glass sphere and the eyes are square shaped and are able to move in and out, glows green and The mouth glows bright orange. See everything all near, far, through solid objects and walls with Mechanical Vision System
Omnitech N/A For bio–chemical breakdowns, medical diagnosis and crime detection Never been seen or used
Doomsday N/A Annihilating an urban area while leaving buildings in fact for re–habitation Never been seen or used
Pharaoh Golden head of the ancient Egyptian king with a magical gem on its’ forehead Fatally erase souls from existence to eternal nothingness Appeared only Action Lab Comics and used in absolute emergencies

Puppet Master IV & V

This puppet is the absolute finisher puppet for these two movies. When not fighting the last totem, it is even after activated by hugh portion of electricity mainly sits around, and dumps out exposition when the head transforms into Toulon's head.

Action Lab Comics

The Offering

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Boy of Wood

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Blood Debt

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Retro Now

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  • The puppet 'Decapitron" was based on an idea borrowed from an unfilmed 1989 screenplay (titled Decapitron) by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo that was to be Empire Pictures' highest budgeted film, prior to the studio's collapse.
  • Even though he has two machine guns on the weapon head, he never uses them.
  • Originally Decapitron's design, basicly looked like Tank, with Toulon's face on the monitor.
  • When the puppets bring him alive on the slab it is a tribute to the 1931 movie 'Frankenstein'.
  • His name has been spelled both 'Decapitron' and 'Decapatron' on official documents.
  • In the movies Decapitron has four fingers, as well as the original action figure, but the Japanese exclusive has five fingers. The reason for this is because a character with four fingers in Japanese culture is considered offensive to factory workers, who have lost fingers in accidents.
  • Decaptiron is the only puppet known to have the ability to talk in English the other puppet to talk is kamikaze but he only speaks Japanese


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Disclaimer: This is all Hollywood makeup effects and is not real.