Decapitron (film)
Decapitron poster

Release Date

Unproduced, 1989

Decapitron film was a unfilmed 1989 movie that was made by Empire State Studios. This film would've been Charles Band's most expensive picture ever, with a $14 million budget. However, Empire State Studios closed down and went bankrupt in 1989. There are currently no plans to make the movie.


According to the script of the film, it was supposed to take place in the future, where the plot would have be like the film Robocop, only that the main protagonist a robot, instead of a cyborg. The central character was supposed to carry 5 or 6 replacement heads capable of different functions. In reality, the heads would be masks worn by an actor.


  • Because Empire State Studios went out of business, there are no plans to ever make the movie in the future. However, they still liked the idea of it, so they used the idea to make the puppet Decapitron in Puppet Master 4 & 5
  • The poster of the Decapitron movie can be seen in the Puppet Master toy Decapitron made by Full Moon.