Demon Worshippers


Vs. Demonic Toys


Deceased (killed by Pinhead, Six-Shooter and Sgt. Jessica Russell)

The Demon Worshippers are employees at Erica Sharpe's Sharpe Toys Industries. They worship Bael the demon of prophet and greed and all of them have an 'S' symbol carved onto their hands. They work at the toy factory in the warehouse and in the underground torture chamber and carry out Erica's evil deeds. They are part of an ancient cult that sacrifice female virgins and drain their blood using a special Blood Extractor device to summon demons from Hell. Erica sends two of them to break into Robert Toulon's house and steal the puppets, but the puppets fight back. They are all killed by Six-Shooter, Pinhead and Sgt. Jessica Russell.


  • Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys