Don Coogan


Axis of Evil, Axis Rising (mentioned)


Taylor M. Graham


Deceased (shot by Klaus, his soul was put into Ninja)



Donny or Don Coogan is Danny Coogan's older brother. He enlisted to join the war effort during World War 2 and was planning on shipping out. He use to hang out at the recruitment station everyday with Sgt. Stone. He is a big fan of Western movies and finds Six-Shooter's arm's in Toulon's trunk and says he wants to fight the Nazis like a cowboy. He is very good at sneaking up at people and has startled his mother Elma Coogan and his brother many times. He was hoping to be shipped to the Japanese jungle so that he could use his sneaking skills to slit Japanese soldier's throats. He and his mother were shot dead by the Nazi Klaus and his soul was transferred into a Ninja puppet's body. While in the Ninja form he helped Danny to get revenge on the Nazis that killed him and his mother.


  • Puppet Master: Axis of Evil
  • Puppet Master: Axis Rising (Mentioned)