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Axis Termination, Decadent Evil, Decadent Evil 2, Evil Bong, Ravenwolf Towers, Blade the Iron Cross (mentioned)


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Dr. Ivan Ivanov (also known as Burroughs) is a dwarven Russian vampire hunter, powerful psychic and a professor of brain research, Egyptology, Theology and the occult. He became Andre Toulon's puppets new master shortly after Danny Coogan's death in 1942. His goal in life is to cause the destruction of evil forces in the world and banish them. He is also the father of Elisa Ivanov and works for a top secret part of the American government which deal with the paranormal and the possibility of it aiding mankind.

Puppet Master: Axis Termination

Information needed.

Blade the Iron Cross

Ivan is very busy during this time as he is doing brain research at Leningrad University in Russia, but he stays in contact with Elisa through a psychic connection which involves writings letters and then burning them in a vase and the message is able to transfer from one location to another. As he is very busy and side tracked with brain research, he sends all the research he conducted on Toulon's puppets as well as scans of the Scroll of Osiris to district attorney James D. Madison, in hopes that it can aid their research. He does not realize that Madison is a traitor of the United States and will hand all that information off to Dr. Hauser.

Decadent Evil

Ivan sets out on a deadly mission to kill a group of vampires that are operating a strip bar, after his father Marvin was turned into a homunculus by queen vampire Morella.

Decadent Evil 2

Ivan sets out on a second mission to stop a vampire king, but ends up failing and is transformed into a vampire himself.

Evil Bong

Ivan is one of the victim's that are trapped within the Bong World (possibly hallucination).

Ravenwolf Towers

Ivan books himself to stay at Ravenwolf Towers, which is an old hotel that has now turned into apartments that accommodates oddball characters and there is a special area on the top floor for the rich elite. Ivan uses handmade goggles which give him the ability to see events that transpired in the hotel in the past. He reveals that a lot of murders have taken place there prior to him arriving. The other occupants at the hotel are Mr. Mascaro - a curious man that is always in clown makeup, Dr. Lorca - an eccentric collector of oddities, his room is full of obscure artifacts, including a living Kaiser doll and an ancient and powerful Egyptian machine. There is also a mysterious and seductive maiden that has the power to stay young forever and her rich family that have members which are inbred, cannibalistic mutants and are conducting strange and violent experiments on the hotel residents. Ivan meets Jake, the new assistant manager - who is very oblivious to the strange goings-on and Ivan tells him that he suspects that there is vampires in the hotel and explores the hotel collecting evidence.

Jake quickly stops being a skeptic when he tries on the goggles and is able to see spiritual 'scorch marks' of a man that was recently cannibalized in the hotel and he joins Ivan in the quest to prevent the evil. Ivan discovers that what he is dealing with is not actually vampires but a force that he has never witnessed before and he starts to feel unprepared. Lorca, who is hired by the family, grows suspicious of Ivan and hires a private detective to dig up information on him and the two of them discover that Ivan Ivanov is an alias and not his real name and that he has no ties to the United States at all and therefore they cannot harvest anymore information on him. The detective later breaks into his apartment and takes photographs of his vampire hunting gear but one of the cannibalistic creatures ambushes and tries to kill her, but after learning that she works for Lorca it lets her go. Ivan then shows Jake photographs of an old silent movie actress that had vanished decades prior and he hatches a theory that she had mated with a demonic entity and spawned the rich family that are currently in the hotel. It is unknown what happened after this.




  • Ivan is a character that has appeared in multiple FullMoon movies.
  • His name is 'Ivanhoff' in the Ravenwolf Towers credits.