Drill Sergeant (also known as Retro Tunneler) was originally a rod puppet created by Andre Toulon in Paris, France during the early 1900's. The puppet was to be used for a famous puppet show about six damned mortals who are trapped in Hell. Vigo, a French puppeteer did the voice for him on stage. When the Egyptian sorcerer Afzel passed the secret of life onto Toulon, he was pursued by three of Sutekh's Mummy Servants who wanted to steal it back from him. They killed all of Toulon's friends and he avenged them by putting their souls into the puppets and bringing them to life. Drill Sergeant never attacked or killed anyone, and never got a chance to use his drill on his head. Vigo was always late to the puppet performances and his friends said he was not a professional so this trait of his could have been passed onto the puppet.

Many years later, during the second World War, Toulon built another puppet with a drill for a head called Tunneler. This puppet had the soul of a German soldier who was forced to hide Polish treasure in the salt mines, but refused and was murdered. It is possible that Toulon designed Tunneler after Drill Sergeant.

Differences from Tunneler

There are notable differences from the other Tunnler as they have a different design.

  • Drill Sergeant is carved out of wood and not painted
  • He has white eyes with pupils while Tunneler has dark black eyes.
  • He wears a brown sleeveless shirt and shorts with no shoes while Tunneler wears a military stylized outfit with boots.




  • His head is seen in Dr. Freuhoffer's lab in Puppet Master: Axis Rising , though it is only a background prop and isn't suppose to be the same puppet in the story. 
  • The prop had a real moving drill but it was never used in the movie, nor did he attack anyone in the movie.