Freuhoffer's Puppets


Axis Rising

These are puppets Dr. Freuhoffer had created while he was being held by the Nazis. None of these puppets were ever alive they were just dolls he had created to keep him company. He considered them his family. They were all blown up and destroyed when Kamikaze self-destructed.



  • Drill Sargent's head can be seen in the back of his office. Though it isn't supposed to be the same puppet in the story.
  • Few of the puppets are tributes to the film 'Trilogy of Terror'. another a homage to 'SAW' and Freakshow's baby from 'Killjoy Goes to Hell'.


  • Puppet Master: Axis Rising

Nazi Puppets

Four of Freuhoffer's puppets were alive and not just inanimate decorations. When Commandant Heinrich Moebius bought Freuhoffer Tunneler, he extracted the serum out of him and  bought three evil Nazi puppets to life.