General Kip Hansard


Axis Termination


Allen Perada



General Kip Hansard is a strategic operator in Los Angeles, California during World War II. He was given orders to assign Captain Brooks and Dr. Ivan Ivanov on a mission to join a special unit of psychics that work for the American military who are trying to track down a location of Nazi spies who are followers of the occult and are hiding out somewhere in California.

Shortly before Danny Coogan and his girlfriend Beth's deaths, they had contacted Brooks to hand over the puppets and the elixir to the military to help benefit the America's war effort and Kip had suggested that the psychics take the puppets as they dealt with magic and could find out how they are able to live. Kip also had top secret information about the Nazis having Dr. Freuhoffer's living puppets and that they have caused deaths of eight American citizens and one army general.


  • Puppet Master: Axis Termination