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These are various Blade puppets that Andre Toulon (The Littlest Reich timeline) and his father Henri had built for their puppet performances in Paris and all around the world. The first known Blade to have been built was in 1912 and its design was based on a clown mixed with the Grim Reaper. This one had an evil skull face and a leather coat and was performed in front of audiences. During the late 1930's and the 1940's when World War II broke out, Toulon would design a new version of Blade which had long white hair, a hat and a gaunt face with small daggers in its eye sockets. He would use this one to perform anti-Jew puppet shows. Toulon would later assist the Nazis in their Final Solution mission and would give life to his puppets so that they could seek out people that the Nazis saw as unfit and murder them.

After the war had ended Toulon had escaped to the United States, where he continued to build and manufacture more puppets, including Blades and he would run a mail ordering service where he sold them to people from all over the world. He continued to do this up until his death in 1989. In 2018, a lot of his puppets, including the Blades were all unleashed at a auction and killed most of the visitors there.

Physical appearance

In Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, There were three different Blades.

  1. The first Blade's face looked more like a mummified human's face that had no nose, and he no longer had his smirk. His hair was a lot longer and he wore a leather fedora hat and coat. He also wore a red undercoat. This Blade also had pale humans hands with a hidden knife and hook mechanism in it that would pop out through their fingers.
  2. The second Blade was similar to the first one but had no hair and wore a Swastika arm band and had only one arm. This Blade had a knife that popped out of an empty socket on its arm and also wore a more floppy style hat and had knives in its eyes.
  3. The final Blade had the face of an evil skull that was covered in cracks and didn't wear a hat. This one had the traditional knife and hook hands but on opposite sides than the original and the knife was more of a Swiss army knife shape.

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

Information Needed.


  • In the script of The Littlest Reich, Blade was going to place sharp torpedoes into his eye sockets to launch them out but this scene didn't make it into the final movie.
  • skull blade was originally was going to be black and had glowing eyes as well was sainted paint finish.
  • on a cover of the littlest Reich dvd has skull blade with the normal blade human hand which never happens in the film
  • the normal blade under the hat or maybe a one that was plan to be shown had a yellow head color and had cracks in it plus has shiny yellow with a pink tinge hair by the artist Tate Steinseik
  • the concept art of blade look more to the classic design but with more detail and one had teeth


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Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

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Disclaimer: This is all Hollywood makeup effects and is not real.