The Legacy


Kate Orsini


Deceased (shot by Peter Hertz)

Maclain is a rogue agent hired by puppet experiments that Andre Toulon had abandoned. She is on a mission to find out how to make the puppets die for good and free their trapped souls. She murdered Rick Myers and a collector for Toulon's diary. She then went after Eric Weiss, who was now the owner of Toulon's puppets so that she could steal the information from him, but he shot and killed her because he thought she wanted to take control of the puppets.

Memorable Quotes

  • I'm not here for the secret of what brings these puppets to life. I wanna know what makes them die. For good. Damn fool... I was sent here for the secret by the creatures Toulon left behind. The immortals. Souls trapped in wooden bodies, living every day in agony. All they want is revenge on their puppet master. And now that's you. Congratulations on your legacy.