Magrew's House of Marvels


Curse, The Legacy (archive footage)


Lovejoy, California

Magrew's House of Marvels is a private doll museum owned by Dr. Magrew and his daughter Jane Magrew. The Magrews collect many different dolls from all over the world. When he bought the Toulon puppets at an auction he kept them in cages in the garage and turned it into a workshop. Dr. Magrew sometimes puts on puppet shows with the Toulon puppets in the yard and makes money from the tickets. Two people worked as an assistant building him new puppets, Matt Deary and Robert "Tank" Winsley, both of which he murdered so that he could transfer their soul into the puppet, with Matt he was unsuccessful and burnt the remains, but with Robert it was a success, but his creation Tank ended up killing him. The puppets also murdered two police officers Sherrif Garvey and Deputy Wayburn at this location.


  • Curse of the Puppet Master
  • Puppet Master: The Legacy (Archive footage)