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These characters didn't have a large role in any of the movies or were simply unnamed. 

Puppet Master

Character / Actor Description Notes

Scared hotel resident

Screaming lady eternity.png
This is an elderly woman that was staying at the Bodega Bay Inn hotel during 1941 (1939) and when she had seen Blade running through the halls she had screamed in terror, which had also caused him to scream in the same way right back at her. 

Rape victim


This was a woman that Neil Gallagher had raped in the Bodega Bay Inn elevator, sometime in the 1980's. It was kept a secret until Carissa Stamford had used her psychic powers to tap into the past and reveal it.

In the Eternity Comics it is revealed that her name is Betty and Megan had caught her flirting with Neil and had gotten angry at him. Betty had also willingly allowed him to have sex with her, instead or rape.

Andrea (Andrea Henry)

She is one of the patients that is being experimented on by Frank Forrester and Carissa Stamford at the Pensa Research Inc. Andrea is linked up to a machine and told to imagine her wildest sexual fantasies while Frank and Carissa try and use their psychic powers to guess what the dream is.

Couple at the carnival (David Boyd & Barbara Crampton)

This was a boyfriend named Bud and girlfriend that were visiting Dana Hadley's palm reading tent in a carnival during 1989. Dana had detected that they would both get married and have two children, and that the man would become a rich construction worker and build a shopping mall, and his grandmother will die soon. Dana then started getting visions of being attacked by Blade and the woman began showing concern towards her.

Puppet Master II

Character / Actor Description Notes

Amylu, Zeke and Ezra Kern

Ezra, Zeke and Amylu were unknown and unseen residents at the Bodega Bay Inn that died at an unknown time. Their bodies were buried in the Shady Oaks Cemetery that is located behind the hotel and the same place that Andre Toulon and the Golem were buried.

Since their bodies were buried in the hotel cemetery it could mean that the Kern family had lived or operated the hotel at some point. It is possible that these people are relatives of Megan Gallagher as her family operated the hotel since the turn of the century.

John Bocca

John Bocca was an unknown and unseen resident at the Bodega Bay Inn that was born in 1945 (three years after Andre Toulon's death) and died in 1985 (four years before Neil Gallagher's murders). He was also buried in the same cemetery.

Billy's mother

This was the mother of Billy that had told him to not stay out too long as she was preparing a BBQ for his father's birthday celebration. The family had been camping out in the middle of the California forest, in a remote location, a few miles away from the Bodega Bay Inn. Torch had eventually murdered Billy in the forest. 

Puppet Master III

Character / Actor Description Notes

Gestapo Nazi #1

This was one of the Nazis that assisted Major Kraus in raiding Andre Toulon's house to arrest him. He had shot Elsa in the back with his rifle while she tried to stop them from stealing the elixir. He was also the same character that sat next to Toulon in the jeep as they were driving him away to question him, and picked up Pinhead to take a closer look at, and eventually was strangled to death by him.

Gestapo Nazi #2

This was another one of the Nazis that was driving the jeep with Toulon in it and was killed by Tunneler, who drilled through the back of the seat and out the front of hsi chest, which caused him to crash.

Morgue attendant #1

This was the morgue attendant in Berlin that was working late and responsbie for Elsa's autopsy. He is shown by reading pornographic magazines and turning off Adolf Hitler's speech on the radio and replacing it with uplifting music. Pinhead had broke into the morgue and ambushed him while he was inspecting one of the corpses, by putting a cord around his neck and pulling it so tight that blood was drawn and eventually strangeled him to death.

Morgue attendant #2

This was the second morgue attendant that came in to witness Toulon using a scalpel and removing some of his wife's brainmatter and he yelled at him to leave. He then reached over to the phone to call a guard to assist him but Pinhead ripped out the phone wire and he was stabbed in the leg by Jester, who was holding a scalpel. Toulon then left with the puppets as the man watched in shock to see living puppets.

Major Kraus's second driver

This was Kraus's second driver after Lt. Eric Stein had been killed by Leech Woman. This man had found Stein's body in the middle of the street and contacted headquaters. He was then assigned to drive Kraus around as a replacement. 

Gestapo Nazi #3

This was a young Nazi that was on the hunt for Toulon and had found vials full of the elixir left behind at an old pharmacy and had informed Kraus and his sergeant about it.

Nazi sergeant

This was a Nazi sergeant that was inspecting the pharmacy for traces left behind by Toulon. He was yelled at by Kraus to go out and search every building in the area so that they can capture Toulon.

Gestapo Nazi #4

This was another Gestapo Nazi that had assisted Kraus in setting fire to Toulon's puppet theater.

Gestapo Nazi #5

This was a Nazi that Kraus had assigned to protect Dr. Hess as he had suspected that Toulon would try to target him next and as well as acting as a body guard he also had to put supervision over him to make sure he wasn't up to no good.

He had went with Hess to Toulon's house so that he could search for any notes left behind, but he refused to help. He had pointed his gun at Peter Hertz who was hiding in the house, so that Hess could question him. After this he followed Hess and Peter to the hideout where Toulon was and he waited outside, where he was told to kill Hess by Kraus if he saw him again.

Gestapo Nazi #6

This was one of the Nazis that had stormed Toulon's hide out and he had pointed his gun at Hess and Toulon and ordered them to put their hands in the air and then Pinhead threw a brick at his face, which possibly killed him. Hess then stole his Luger out of his holster.

Gestapo Nazi #7

This was another one of the Nazis that had stormed the hideout and he had fired at Hess and missed. Hess would also return fire and also managed to miss everytime. He has his ankle drilled by Tunneler which caused him to fall to the floor, then Leech Woman covered his faces in leeches as he screamed in terror and he eventually died when she spat one of them into his mouth, which choked him.

Gestapo Nazi #8

This Nazi went from door to door searching for Toulon and as he was entering a doorway he was shot through the chest by Six-Shooter. Hess then investigated his body and assumed he was dead but with the last ounce of breath he took a knife out of his holster and stabbed him and then died. Hess would later die of this wound and be given life again by Touion in the form of Blade, which is fitting because he actually died of a knife stab.
Lil gal.png

Female passenger and her daughter

This was a woman that was at the Berlin trainstation and had asked Toulon if he had enjoyed Berlin and also asked where he was traveling next. She had assumed that Peter was his son. Her daughter also laughed at Peter for playing with dolls, which Toulon corrected her and informed her that they were puppets.

Trench-coat man

This was a citizen of Berlin that wanted to help the Nazis by turning Toulon in and also win an award as he had seen Toulon getting onto the train and tied it to his wanted poster. After he realized the train had already left he had thrown the poster onto the floor and gave up.

Puppet Master IV & V

Character / Actor Description Notes

Bio-Tech investors (Clu Gulager & Kaz Garas)

These were two rich businessmen that were funding the projects at Biotech Industries and were cutting a deal with Dr. Jennings in an elevator to use their money to create artificial intelligence. This deal made Jennings break into the Bodega Bay Inn to attempt to steal one of the puppets, in hopes to sell it to them.

Attorney (Diane McBain)

This was the attorney that Rick Myers was assigned to after he had been placed under suspicion of murder of Cameron and his two former bosses. She had tried her best to try and get Rick out of trouble but she found it more and more hopeless as Rick was sticking with his supernatural story. Jennings eventually replaced her and was able to get Rick released on bail.

Curse of the Puppet Master

Character / Actor Description Notes

Garage owner (Michael Sollenberger)

This was Robert Winsley's strict boss that would constantly treat him like dirt and command him to do hard work. He also helped to stop a fight between Dr. Magrew and Joey Carp

Medical Examiner (William Knight)

This was the coroner that wrote a report on Joey's corpse and had described to Sheriff Garvey in gruesome detail of how he had died, including having his grown torn off and his flesh peeled off of his skull. He had also explained that Joey had all these wounds inflicted on him while he was still alive so he had felt it all.

Shipping Agent (Pat Thomas)

This man worked at the shipping plant where Jane Magrew was sent to pick up a false errand and he had tried his best to let Jane know that he had no shipment for her. He even reversed the charges on his own phone so that he could let Jane call home to her father, which he had ignored. He also was able to get ahold of Tommy Berke on the phone for her.

Retro Puppet Master

Character / Actor Description Notes

Swiss embassy receptionist

This man at worked at the Swiss Embassy In Paris and he was greeted by Sutekh's mummies, who were trying to deliver a message to Elsa. After he asked to see the message they refused to show it to him so he tried to make them leave and they use their magical power to cause him to fall flat on his face and die.

Leader's thugs

These were the 'Leaders henchmen that worked as guards at the Swiss Embassy. They had assisted their leader in breaking into Toulon's theater and threatening him to stay away from Elsa. They had also helped beat up Toulon and dump him outside in the middle of the snow.

Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys

Character / Actor Description Notes

Santa performer

This was a costumed performer that was handing out Christmas Pals to children at the Policeman's charity hosted in Sharpe Industries during Decmber of 2004.
Robert's ex-wife This was the ex-wife of Robert Toulon and mother of Alexandra Toulon who had tried to sell the puppets in a market in Paris. This was one of the first things which had caused termoil in their relationship, and the second time was when Robert nearly blew up their house with his experiments. They eventually got divorced and she had found a rich young boyfriend to tour the world with.

Axis Trilogy

Character / Actor Description Notes

Weapon factory worker

This is was one of the workers at the Weapons Factory that had a conversation with Max about baseball. During the conversation Max had to pretend to be American and talk about a sport that he had no interest in. 

Chinatown facility Nazis

Minor Rising (1).jpg
Minor rising 4.jpg
Minor guards.jpg
These were five Nazis that were hiding out with Commandant Heinrich Moebius and assisted him in his spying mission. One of them was killed by Tunneler as he looked inside of Ozu's bag, and his soul was very likely placed into Blitzkrieg by Professor Emil Freuhoffer.

Another one of the Nazis was told to dispose of Ozu's corpse and even possibly sexually abuse her corpse. He was later shot and killed by Danny Coogan when they had stormed the Nazis hideout.

Two more of them were guarding the entrance of the hideout and had a fight with Danny, Beth and Stone. One was killed by Blade and Leech Woman, the other was possibly knocked out or killed by Stone.

Another one of them was never seen again and possibly escaped or died in Kamikaze's self destruction. He was first seen when he had delivered a message to Moebius about General Porter being in town but Moebius was angry at him for interupting a romantic moment between him and Uschi

Press photographer

This man was taking a photo of Danny, Beth and General Porter so that he could print a story about Danny winning a medal of bravery, but he was ambushed and shot in the back and killed by Blitzkrieg.

American citizens

These were a group of eight American citizens that Weremacht, Bombshell and Blitzkrieg had been killing over 1941 and 1942 and it had caught the attention of General Kip Hansard who then sent Brooks on a mission to stop them.

Nazi spy

This was a Nazi spy that was pretending to be Brooks so that he could steal the puppets from Danny and Beth. As they were loading the puppets into the back of his car he then shot them both and then Brooks stepped in at the last miniute and shot him in the heart.

​​​​​​​SS Nazis that were working for Doktor Gerde Ernst

​​​​​​​SS Nazis that were working for Doktor Gerde Ernst

​​​​​​​SS Nazis that were working for Doktor Gerde Ernst

​​​​​​​SS Nazis that were working for Doktor Gerde Ernst

​​​​​​​SS Nazis that were working for Doktor Gerde Ernst

​​​​​​​SS Nazis that were working for Doktor Gerde Ernst

​​​​​​​SS Nazis that were working for Doktor Gerde Ernst

​​​​​​​SS Nazis that were working for Doktor Gerde Ernst

​​​​​​​SS Nazis that were working for Doktor Gerde Ernst

​​​​​​​SS Nazis that were working for Doktor Gerde Ernst

This was a large group of 10+ Nazi spies that were hiding out with Doktor Gerde Ernst. A lot of them spent their time playing cards, drinking wine or enjoying the hidden brothel inside the hideout. Most of these spies were shot and killed by Brooks and the puppets but at least six of them had unconfirmed deaths and possibly escaped. 

Another one of these spies was seduced by Oberhelfer Friede Steitze and was stabbed in the body with her syringe fingers that were filled with the elixir, which caused a bad chemical reaction in his blood.

​​​​​​​Daily Herald employees

This was a large group of employees that work at the Daily Herald newspaper company in 1945. They are made up of tabloid writers that like to sensationalize stories or war journalists. They were all knocked out by James D. Madison's gas bomb, but all survived.


This is detective Joe Gray's assistant that joins him in the investigation of Alfred Muller's dissolved corpse.

​​​​​​​General Weiss

This is a German general from Berlin who was the boss of Walther Prok and had sent him to America to bring back information on Dr. Hauser's zombie project. Weiss was on his way over to America to observe the project himself but he arrived too late as they had all died. It is not known what happened to him but detective Joe did say he was going to hunt down more spies in America.

​​​​​​​Zombie #1

​​​​​​​Zombie #2

​​​​​​​Zombie #3

​​​​​​​Zombie #4

These are eight victims that Gloria Vasquez had gathered up for Hauser to experiment on and turn into zombies using the Deathcorp Project. Four of them are never seen but only mentioned and were failed experiments and were dissolved in acid. Another one of an African American man is first seen as he is being tortured and the process of turning him into the zombie is shown but goes into rage and then his his organs fail immediately and he is disposed of. There is another one that is successful and is controlled and kills Muller. Then there is another one that is sent to attack Joe, but he survives its encounter and impales it with a pipe and then shoots its face off with his gun. The last one is female and eats Prok alive. This one and the one that killed Muller are both possibly blown up when Blade destroys the Death Ray.

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

Character / Actor Description Notes
Jewish victims These were a group of Jewish-American woman that Toulon had kidnapped and placed them into a padded cell in his mansion where their blood was extracted and the puppets had practised their killing methods by torturing them by burning them, stabbing their eyes out and much more.

Comic book fans

These were fans of comic books that would go into Markowitz Red Pegasus Comics and purchase them. Two in paticular had some speaking roles, one of them was a young child who had tried to convince Edgar to write more Madame Lightning comics and the other was a teenage boy that had asked Edgar to do a follow up to the second issue of his comic, which he responded that there was a lot more story to tell.

Woman at the bar

This was a woman staying at the Postville Lodge and she was drinking at the bar and Markowitz was too nervous to walk up to her and talk to her so he had ordered her a tea. She had responded by writing "Yuck!" on a piece of paper to reject him. This annoyed Markowitz and he made a joke to Cuddly Bear about putting a laxative in her drink. She was eventually killed when she tried to drive away during the puppet massacre and a Pinhead puppet was lurking in her car and grabbed her by the head and squeezed it so hard that it crushed her skull.

Pregnant woman

This was a pregnant woman that was also staying at the Postville Lodge so that she could sell her Money Lender puppet at the auction but it came to life in her hotel room while she was asleep. The puppet had ran straight forward with its claws into her vagina and climbed up inside her and then tore its way out of her stomach and she had watched in horror as the puppet removed her unborn fetus and ran away with it. She had then died a few seconds after this. 

a Child and his mother

This was a small boy that was huddled over his dead mother in the parking lot during the puppet's killing spree and Cuddly Bear tried to rescue the child by telling him to hold onto his shirt, but as he got inside the hotel he had noticed that only the hands of the kid were left hanging on him and that he had been killed by an Autogiro puppet.

Jewish woman

This was a woman that had been burnt by Torch and as she lay dying on the floor she had prayed in Jewish for her soul to be placed at rest. This angered Markowitz as he was also a Jew and lead him to realize that the puppets would want to kill him next. When they went in to save her, they had found her to be dead with a Mr. Pumper jumping up and down on her burnt corpse and extracting her blood out, which eventually made the puppet's body explode from an overload of blood.


Character / Actor Description Notes

Virginia Grey

In the Eternity Comics timeline Megan had survived and sold her hotel to Virginia Grey, who had renamed it 'Scarab Hill Hotel'. Virginia was killed by the puppets as they were angry at being left behind by Megan.

Homeless man

This man was living inside of the Bodega Bay Inn hotel after it had been abandond and hung out with Corey. He was killed by Torch, who had set him on fire. His soul was later used to bring the Golem to life.