Miss. Camille


Puppet Master 2, Action Lab Comics


Julianne Mazziotti, Nita Talbot (voice)



Miss. Camille was one of the puppet's evil masters. She was a living mannequin that Andre Toulon had originally made in the image of his wife Elsa Toulon.

The mannaquin contained the spirit of a psychic medium woman Camille Kenney that the puppets had murdered. It is unknown why she had turned evil after her soul was transferred into the mannequin.

Puppet Master II

When the puppets resurrected Andre Toulon back from the grave, he had turned insane and tried to transfer a parapsychologist Carolyn Bramwell's soul into it so that she would live forever as his new bride. After the puppets killed him, they had no master to command them so they used the soul of Camille Kenney, a woman that they had killed earlier to give life to the mannequin.

The mannequin gave herself the name 'Miss. Camille' and created a puppet show called 'Happy Ever After' and took the puppets in a truck to the Bouldeston Institution, which is an institute for mentally troubled children and teenagers to cause mayhem. This story is never followed up and ignored in the sequels but is continued in the comics.

Action Lab Comics

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