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The Mr. Pumper (also known as Herr Pumper) puppets were built and manufactured by Andre Toulon (The Littlest Reich timeline) in Germany during 1938. These puppets were built for children for educational purposes to teach the value of preserving natural resources.

At the 30th Anniversary of the Toulon murders convention at the Postville Lodge, there had been a few of these puppets taken to this convention by guests that were intending to sell them at the auction and the curators of the auction were not sure of the purpose of this puppet so they had theorized that it was used to contain gumballs, lemonade or coins. During the night there was a dark power that woke all of the puppets up that was sent out from Toulon from beyond the grave and all of the puppets began embarking on a killing spree across the grounds of the hotel. One of these Mr. Pumper puppets had entered a room where a Kaiser puppet had just burnt an old Jewish woman to death and it had hopped onto her body and began bouncing up and down on top of her body with its accordion-type body to celebrate her deaths. Meanwhile Edgar Easton and Markowitz came into the room to investigate and they saw the Mr. Pumper puppet extracting every ounce of the blood out of the woman's corpse through its sharp, blood extracting hands and then its head had filled with an overload of blood which caused it to pop and spray the blood all over the room.

Later on this night the same or another Mr. Pumper puppet had entered another room where a Blade puppet had killed a prostitute named Goldie and a man named Richard and had it began doing the same thing to their corpses too, and sprayed the blood that it had collected out of them through the the nozzle on the front of its face. A short while after this, Edgar and Ashley had crashed their truck into the side of Toulon's mausoleum and it had disrupted his power which animated the puppets and caused them all to fall to the ground and become lifeless.

Physical appearance

The Mr. Pumper puppets have the torso of a gas pump with the word 'BENZIN' (petrol in German) written across it. Its lower torso has pump handles and is in the shape of an accordion instrument, which allows the puppet to bounce up and down. Its arms are long flexible tubes with silver cylinders for hands that have retractable needles in them that are capable of pumping blood.

Its head is a circular hollow dome that fills up with the blood that it extracts and it has a nose that is shaped like a faucet. It has a smiley face painted on to look appealing to children.