Mr. Sharpe


Vs. Demonic Toys


Deceased (sold his soul to the demon Bael)

Mr. Sharpe was the owner of Sharpe Industries toy company and the father of Erica Sharpe. He was a really good father and he spoiled his daughter rotten, anything she wanted he would give to her. One day she asked to have living toys and he knew that would be an impossible gift to give to her, so he had no choice but to turn to a dark method and sell his soul to Bael, the demon of wealth and prophet and in exchange he got three Demonic Toys which he gave to her, but his spoiled daughter was not happy with her gift. Without his soul he began to rot away on his deathbed and told his life long friend and colleague Julian to watch over his daughter. Despite all that he did, Erica never appreciated her father and thought he was a fool and she took over his company and used it for evil.


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