Omega Project


Puppet Master 4, The Final Chapter

The Omega Project is study using robotics lead by Dr. Carl Baker of Biotech Industries. Their goal is to give the robots artificial intelligence. Rick Myers and his colleague Dr. Leslie Piper both work hard, but have little success. Leslie is able to make a robotic hand sort colored blocked into a certain order and Rick teaches his robots to play laser-tag. The project is being funded by business man Dr. Jennings who hopes to get rich off of their findings. When Rick tells him about Andre Toulon's living puppets he breaks into the Bodega Bay Inn with a group of thugs to steal them. Sutekh is not happy that his magic is being used by people so he sends little Totem monsters to seek out and kill all of the employees.


  • Puppet Master 4
  • Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter