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Pajama Boy is one of Andre Toulon's inanimate puppets that he had built during the second World War that he had hanging up in his room at the Bodega Bay Inn hotel.

Physical appearance

Pajama Boy has the face of a baby with white eyes that lack pupils. He wears red (or orange) overalls with white (or red) polka-dots on them. He wears large white clown shoes and a square hat that is the same color as his clothes.

Puppet Master & Axis of Evil

In the first movie and Puppet Master: Axis of Evil, Pajama Boy is nothing more than just a background prop hanging up in Andre Toulon's Hotel Room. He does not come to life at any point of these movies he is just merely a background prop.

Action Lab Comics


After Toulon's suicide Madam Adon got access to all the inanimate puppets that were left behind at Bodega Bay Inn and started a business where she was paid by clients to temporaily teleport their soul into one of Toulon's puppets so that the client could get revenge on people while in the puppet's body.

Blood Debt

Pajama Boy was also used as a pawn during Anapa and Miss. Camille's puppet war where he attacked Anthony by climbing into his mouth and attempted to suffocate him. Blade pulled him out of Anthony's mouth and destroyed him by cutting him to pieces.




  • The prop hanging on Andre Toulon's wall in the first movie is actually a real 'Clippo the Clown' puppet but he was given a more original design in the Action Lab Comics.
  • His name was confirmed by Shawn Gabborin (the writer of the comics).