Pinhead is one of the puppets built by Andre Toulon during the second World War in Berlin. Before he became a puppet, Pinhead was a man named Herman Strauss. Strauss was a truck driver who secretly brought food to the Jewish ghettos; as a result, he was executed in the gas chambers by the Nazis for treason. Pinhead along with Blade are the only characters to appear in all the Puppet Master movies to date.

Pinhead's only power is his two big hands that can deliver quite a punch. He's also unnaturally strong, able to move or drag a full grown human body with ease. Pinhead's weakness is if someone removes his tiny bald head from his burly body, (which only happened in the first Puppet Master).

Pinhead's place in the group is that of the strong man, the muscle. Pinhead has suffered the most injuries out of all the puppets throughout his career. His head was pulled off. He's been stabbed, shot, stomped on, set on fire, and had his arm broken off twice. 

Physical appearance

Pinhead is 1'7" and weighs 2 lbs. He has a tiny bald, cone-shaped wrinkled head with only one eye. His torso is very large and he wears a dark red/brown wool sweater. His arms are big and strong and a lot larger than his body. He has human hands with black finger-less gloves on them. His pants are gray and his shoes are black with brown straps. In Axis Rising his original clothes were damaged and were replaced with black sweater, pants and shoes.

In Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, there were multiple different Pinheads. Most of these Pinheads wore either dark blue or red and had smaller, doll-like hands. Their faces were covered in scars and both their eyes were pure white and lacked pupils. They had hunchbacks and very large shoes and some of them had a makeshift belt made of rope to hold their pants up.

Puppet Master III

Shortly before the events of the movie, Pinhead was a German man who smuggled food to the Jewish slums but was caught and executed in the gas chambers. He was a good friend of Andre Toulon, who built a puppet his honor and put his soul inside of it so he could carry on living and be able to take revenge. Pinhead is first seen in Berlin in 1941 hiding in Toulon's workshop during one of the puppet performances. While Toulon is feeding Pinhead with the elixir to give him more strength he commented on how he is bigger than the other puppets but allows them to be fed before him. During thie time a Nazi Lt. Eric Stein spied on Toulon's workshop and took photos of the puppets moving around on their own. He handed it into Major Kraus who ordered Toulon to be arrested for mocking Hitler and to reveal the secrets to his magic

After arresting Toulon and killing his wife Elsa in the process the Nazis left with Tunneler and Pinhead with the intent of experimenting on them. While Toulon is being driven away by the Nazis, Pinhead strangled one of them to death and Tunneler drilled through the driver's seat and into his back and out the front of his chest. The car crashed and Toulon escaped back to his house to reunite with the other puppets. When Toulon arrived back at his house he discovered it partially burnt down and Elsa's body moved to the morgue. Toulon used Pinhead to break open a window to the morgue and strangle the coroner working inside so that he could get access to Elsa's corpse and extract her blood and brain matter to be used to make Leech Woman. Toulon then realized it wasn't safe to go back home as he was an escaped fugitive and took the puppets to an old bombed out building to hide while the whole of Berlin were trying to track him down.

At the hideout Pinhead stood by the entrance as a guard and would even read a map the city to find locations of where the Nazis were and travel there to spy on them. Toulon began plotting revenge on all of the Nazis that were responsible for the death of Elsa and gradually took the puppets to their locations to get revenge on them one by one. One of the people Toulon got revenge on was Lt. Eric Stein. Pinhead hit him in the leg with a wrench, and then hit him again in the face, breaking his nose, then Leech Woman finished him off. At the hideout there were two other fugitives Mr. Hertz and his son Peter who were also hiding from the Nazis. Toulon used the help of Peter to sneak back to his old house and get him supplies for fixing up the puppets. While looking for the parts Peter was caught by Dr. Hess who lead him to where Toulon was. Hess informed Toulon that he had betrayed the Nazis and would help him escape, he also asked him how the magic worked.

Toulon explained to him that all of his puppets use to be humans and were all given a second chance. When the other Nazis stormed the hideout, the puppets fought them while Toulon escaped. Pinhead killed one of them by throwing a brick directly into their face. Toulon took the puppets and hid at his house and put on the uniform of a dead Nazi soldier that Six-Shooter had shot. He then used this disguise to sneak into the Gestapo Headquarters and take his final revenge on Kraus. Pinhead assisted Toulon in killing him by putting hooks into his body and stringing him up like a human puppet, then dropping him onto an axe. After this Toulon and Peter took them onto a train to Switzerland to escape. At the train station while Peter was putting Pinhead into a bag a little girl laughed at him for playing with 'dolls'.

Retro Puppet Master

Pinhead appeared briefly in the 1941 wrap around segments (although wrongly titled 1944 in the movie). While hiding out in Switzerland after the events of the third movie, Andre Toulon is telling the puppets a story of how he discovered the magic and how he met Elsa. He also explains how he made his original puppets, one of them being Retro-Pinhead. An unrelated puppet that Toulon would later design Pinhead after.

Axis Trilogy

Axis of Evil

Shortly after Toulon's suicide in the Bodega Bay Inn, Danny Coogan a disabled carpenter had inherited the puppets from him. After taking the puppets home he discovered the elixir and decided to test it out by injecting it into them and bring them to life. Danny quickly learnt that one of the Nazis that tried to kill Toulon was working as a spy at a weapons factory his girlfriend Beth was working at. Danny tried to tell her but she didn't believe him so he took Pinhead and Blade and followed the Nazi to his secret hideout in Chinatown. Pinhead managed to sneak in and rip a piece of paper from the desk. Danny read the paper and discovered that the Nazis were working with a Ozu, a Japanese saboteur who were planning to blow up the factory that Beth was working at. The Nazis caught Danny spying on them but he managed to get away.

When he got home he immediately showed the plan to Beth who now started to believe him. He introduced her to the puppets and she was shocked that they could move by their self then Pinhead extended his hand out to her. Later that day Danny took the puppets back to the Nazi's secret hideout to take a few pictures to hand into the army. While he was there the Nazis tracked down his address and killed his mother and brother and kidnapped Beth and took her back to their hideout as a hostage. Danny took the puppets to the hideout and unleashed them on the Nazis and Japanese saboteurs. Pinhead ripped out a wire from a phone so that Ozu would lose contact with her countries goverment, he also pushed one of her guards down on the floor allowing Tunneler to drill into the top of his head. The puppets began killing the Nazis, one of them that was wounded got back up again but Pinhead pulled a statue of a Chinese dragon off of the wall and smashed his skull with it. After all of the Nazis were dead Ozu escaped with Tunneler inside of a sack and Danny untied Beth and took the puppets back to his house to decide what he would do next.

Axis Rising

Tunneler ended up in the hands of another group of Nazis that were also hiding out in Chinatown and they used his serum to make their own evil puppets. A few days later Danny had received the medal of bravery for killing the Nazi spies. During the ceremony the Nazi's puppets attacked and killed an American general. The puppets fought the Nazi puppets briefly before they retreated. Pinhead's clothes were damaged for unknown reasons so Beth knitted him a new black sweater. Danny and the puppets used the help of an American soldier Sgt. Stone to track down the location of the Nazis and they took Pinhead and Blade with them as they set out into Chinatown to search every building and every alley way. At one point they both noticed people speaking in German language coming out of a building and Bombshell, one of the Nazi puppets stepped out and shot Pinhead several times. Danny, Stone and the puppets escaped back to his house to come up with a plan to infiltrate their hideout.

Danny revived Six-Shooter and returned back to the hideout to rescue Tunneler. While at the hideout the puppets killed the Nazis and fought their puppets and Stone was killed in the process. During the fight Pinhead grabbed hold of Blitzkreig and attempted to rip his head off but was electrocuted and rappelled at a wall. Towards the end of the fight all of the Nazi puppets escaped out of the building, apart from Kamikaze who pressed a switch that was attached to dynamite on his back which caused the building to explode. Danny escaped unharmed with the puppets and took them back to his house to celebrate Tunneler's rescue and plan a mission to track down the remaining three Nazi puppets and destroy them before they cause anymore harm.

Axis Termination

One year later Danny and Beth arranged to meet Captain Brooks in a secret location so that they could hand over the puppets and the elixir to him so that it could benefit the American military, but when they arrived they were both shot and killed by a Nazi spy. Shortly after this Brooks arrived and killed the spy and took the puppets to General Kip Hansard. Hansard then assigned Brooks to join Dr. Ivan Ivanov and a group of psychics working for the American military, who were using their powers to track down the location of a special unit of psychic Gestapo Nazis that were hiding out somewhere in California.

After Doktor Gerde Ernst, one of the leaders of the Nazi spies, tracked down Ivan's secret location, she raided it with a group of Nazis and kidnapped his daughter. While they were in the location Gerde was ambushed and attacked by Pinhead, but her life was spared by her assistant Oberhelfer Friede Steitze, who stabbed him in the back with four syringes which managed to extract the elixir out of him. After this she stole Pinhead and took him back to her hideout to experiment on, and then extracted out Jester's elixir too before throwing his lifeless body down on the ground, leaving him as a warning sign for the psychics to find when they return. After this Ivan had returned and placed Jester back into the trunk safely before working on a plan to get back his daughter and Pinhead.

While Ivan and Brooks planned their final mission, Blade cut off his hook and replaced it with a syringe filled with elixir, one of the reasons he did this is so that when they find Pinhead he can reanimate him again. At the hideout Pinhead's lifeless body is tied down to a table while the Nazis experiment on him. Shortly after this Brooks, Ivan and the puppets storm the hideout and kill most of the Nazis. Blade injects the elixir into Pinhead and he breaks free and strangles the main leader of the Nazi spies, Sturmbahnfurher Krabke to death. After their mission is a success, Ivan puts the puppets back into the trunk safely.

Puppet Master

After escaping from Switzerland, Andre Toulon arrived in America at the Bodega Bay Inn hotel in California. Toulon used this hotel to hide from the Nazis and even cut a hole in the wall and made a secret hiding place for him to put his puppets in emergencies. The puppets then spotted Nazis arriving at the hotel and warned Toulon. He then hid them in the secret hiding place then he proceeded to shoot himself in the head so that the Nazis couldn't steal the information from him. Many years later in the late 1980's, a group of psychics worked together and tried to trace down the location of Toulon's puppets with their mind powers but they gave up as the task was too difficult for them. However Neil Gallagher, the leader of the group didn't give up, he traced Toulon to the Bodega Bay Inn and there he tricked Megan, the owner of the hotel into falling in love with him and marrying him so he could get access to the hotel and search for the puppets.

When he finally discovered where they were he bought them to life and gained their trust. He then invited his former colleagues to the hotel and gave the puppets instructions to kill them all and then he killed himself but first told the puppets to revive him with the elixir after they were all dead. He did this so that the other psychics couldn't pick up on the fact that he had discovered the secret with their mind powers as he didn't want to share it with them. Pinhead is first seen slowly climbing out of Neil's casket and jumping out. Later that evening Pinhead played notes on a piano in the den of the hotel which caused the hotel maid Theresa to investigate, she looked all around but could not find the culprit. While she was investigating the piano Pinhead picked up a fireplace poker and killed her by striking her over the head with it. Later that night Pinhead hid in a cupboard in one of the psychics Dana Hadley's hotel room. While she was conducting a ritual with smoke and a feather to rid the room of evil spirits, Pinhead jumped out of the cupboard and grabbed her by the leg and broke it, she then crawled away and tried to escape.

Pinhead then grabbed Dana around the neck and attempted to strangle her, but she managed to pull him off and throw him at a wall which knocked him out temporarily, she then crawled out into the hall to escape. Shortly after Pinhead got back up again and chased her, he began to punch her in the fact repeatedly but she managed to grab his wrist and throw him down flights of stairs. Blade then chased her into an elevator shaft, but she was able to quickly turn the button to make the elevator go down before he could get to her. At the bottom floor Pinhead was waiting for her, he entered the elevator and began punching her in the face again, but she pulled him off and threw him against a wall, then Blade dropped down from the elevator shaft and killed her. The other puppets began killing the other people in the hotel apart from Alex Whitaker and Megan. The puppets then revived Neil who confronted Alex and Megan and told them the truth of what he had done. He threw Jester across the room which caused his head to become distorted then he explained how he was bored of experimenting with puppets and wanted to use the dead psychics as new test subjects.

The puppets were furious after learning the truth and after seeing how he treated Jester. Pinhead, who had been listening in the doorway growled at Neil, then the other puppets got together to take revenge on him. Neil had a fight with Alex which ended with Neil being locked in an elevator by Pinhead. In the elevator Neil screamed at Pinhead to open the door but he refused and pushed him over. Pinhead then walked towards him with his arms out stretched but Neil grabbed him by the head and pulled it off. Pinhead then blindly searched for his head and reattached it to his body and walked towards Neil, but he jumped out of his way and tried to climb up the elevator shaft to escape. Blade was waiting for him in the shaft and cut his fingers off which caused him to fall down. After this the other puppets arrived at the elevator and began to slowly torture him. Megan screamed at the puppets to stop, so Pinhead finished him off by breaking his neck. It is unknown what happened to the puppets after this, it is possible Megan became their new master or she sold them at an auction. The Action Lab Comics touch on it very slightly.

Curse of the Puppet Master

Many years after the events of the first Puppet Master movie, the puppets were bought at an auction by Dr. Magrew, a sideshow exhibitor in California. Magrew kept the puppets in cages and used them in performances on his ranch. Magrew's daughter, Jane Magrew became very fond of Pinhead and would carry him around wherever she went and hold his hand and talk to him about her problems and even prayed with her at the dinner table. After Magrew killed one of his assistants by a failed attempt at turning him into a puppet the police become concerned about Magrew and came to his house to question him. While the police were at his house they saw Pinhead and mocked him and stuck a piece of chewed up bubble gum on his head, which angered him. One night Joey Carp, the leader of the local gang of bullies broke into Jane's bedroom and attempted to rape her but Pinhead protected her by jumping on him and gripping his hands around his neck.

Joey managed to pull Pinhead off and threw him onto the floor where he proceeded to stomp on him which knocked him out and damaged his leg and broke his hand off. After this Joey got in his car and drove back to his house. Magrew took Blade and Tunneler out of their cages and followed Joey to his home to get revenge on them and Robert "Tank" Winsley, Magrew's new assistant then took Pinhead into the workshop to repair him. Jane was very sad about Pinhead's death but Robert successfully managed to fix him and bring him back to life and he surprised her by taking him back to her bedroom. Pinhead began to respect Robert and became concerned about his safety, as Magrew murdered his last assistant. When the police found the mutilated corpse of body they raided Magrew's house to arrest him under suspicion of murder.

Magrew ordered the puppets to kill them. Blade and Jester stabbed the sheriff to death, while Six-Shooter threw his lasso around the neck of the deputy, Pinhead then pulled the lasso tight which allowed Tunneler to drill into his face. Later that night Magrew then attempted to turn Robert into a puppet with hope that it will not fail that time. After successfully doing it the puppets disapproved of Magrew's method of transferring a living person's soul into a puppet and they turned on him. Tunneler drilled into his leg while Pinhead struck him over the head with a cane. Then Blade and the newest puppet Tank finished him off. It is unknown how the puppets got away from that area after this but they would end up at the Bodega Bay Inn.

Puppet Master II

During this time the puppets had no master and were extremely low on their elixir so they returned to the Bodega Bay Inn and used the last of it to revive Andre Toulon from the dead. Pinhead used a shovel to dig up his grave and then poured the elixir onto his corpse which caused it to rise from the dead. When Toulon returned from the dead however he had turned insane and pure evil. During this time a team of parapsychologists were staying at the hotel to investigate. Pinhead would hide in a tree just outside of the hotel and spy on them. Toulon sent out Pinhead and Jester to kill Camille Kenney, a psychic woman who was getting close to discovering them. Pinhead broke her knee caps while Jester gagged her mouth, they then both dragged her into the attic to kill her.

Pinhead and the other puppets began getting very weak so Toulon began sending the puppets on a killing spree in and out of the hotel so that the puppets could bring back brain matter to be used to make more elixir. Pinhead and Blade helped Toulon to prepare the elixir and even learnt how to prepare it on their own without his help. Toulon began to become obsessed with Carolyn Bramwell, one of the members of the team staying in the hotel and he began to think that she was his wife Elsa reincarnated. He kidnapped her and sent the puppets out to kill Michael Kenney, who was her new love interest. Pinhead ambushed him in one of the halls by swinging on a chandelier towards his face, then jumping off of it and attempting to strangle him. Michael was able to get the strength to pull him off and knock him out by hitting him against the walls and the floor.

Michael broke into Toulon's laboratory and saved Carolyn, but Toulon had transferred his soul into a new mannequin body. After finding out Toulon had lied to the puppets and was using the elixir all for himself, they turned on him. Pinhead pushed him over and began twisting his leg and then smashed his arm to pieces with a wooden cane. Toulon retaliated by punching Pinhead and knocking him out. Blade and Torch, the newest puppet Toulon had recently built then finished him off killing him. Torch set him on fire which caused him to fall out of a window to his death. The puppets then put the soul of Camille into a wooden mannequin which bought her to life as the evil Miss. Camille. She then took the puppets on a road trip to a mental institute to cause trouble. This story was never followed up on in the movies but it was in the Action Lab Comics.

Puppet Master IV & V

Several years after the events of Puppet Master II, the Bodega Bay Inn was under new ownership and on an off season. A boy scientist Rick Myers was staying at the hotel as a caretaker while he worked on his artificial intelligence project. Rick invited his girlfriend Susie to stay with him but she took her two friends with her, Lauren and Cameron. Lauren was a psychic that was able to lead the others to a storage room with the puppet trunk with her mind. Rick broke open the lock and took out the puppets. He had read Andre Toulon's diary about the puppets coming to life and decided to inject the puppets with the elixir to see if it was true. Rick woke Pinhead up first who immediately grabbed Cameron by the collar of his shirt and tried to kill him but Rick pulled him away. The other puppets woke up too, apart from Tunneler, who seemed very weak and needed some extra assistance from Pinhead to finally be able to wake, possibly due to his injuries from Puppet Master II.

After Tunneler woke Pinhead patted him on the back as if he was happy to see him alive after so long. Rick quickly gained their trust and he chose Tunneler and Pinhead to test out some of his robotics equipment to see how intelligent they were. Rick attached a mini laser gun to Tunneler's hand and gave Pinhead a small laser gun to hold, then the three of them ran around the hotel shooting at each other with the harmless lasers for fun. Cameron nicknamed Pinhead 'Uncle Fester'. During that night a strange delivery man took a package to the hotel. Inside was a Totem demon sent by Sutekh to kill everybody in the hotel for discovering the secret. Cameron and Lauren also unleashed two more of these demons by holding a seance. The puppets fought the demons to protect Rick, and Cameron was killed in the process. Six-Shooter killed the first demon and another one attacked Blade in the pantry but was rescued by Pinhead who hit it with a frying pan, then they pinned it up against a wall while Tunneler drilled into its stomach killing it. After this Pinhead cleaned the blood from Tunneler's drill with a towel.

The last demon seemed to be the most powerful and Toulon's ghost talked to the puppets and told them to bring out Decapitron, his unfinished puppet, so Jester and Pinhead lead Rick to a hidden box under a shelf, where the puppet was. The puppets worked together to transport Toulon's ghost, which was roaming the hotel into Decapitron. Pinhead crawled up onto the roof and tied a wire to a satalite pole so that it could conduct electricity and revive Decapitron. After Decapitron came back to life he killed the final Totem. The next day Rick was arrested for suspicion of murdering Cameron but he was quickly bailed out by the owner of the company he worked for Dr. Jennings. After Rick told Jennings about the living puppets, Jennings secretly formed a group of three thugs to break into the hotel and steal one of the puppets so he could use it in his robotics company and get rich. The puppets hid out of sight from the men but Sutekh had also arrived at the hotel in the form of a powerful Totem.

That night Rick had a nightmare involving Susie being killed by Pinhead and Tunneler, he didn't understand what it meant but it reminded him to go back to the hotel to get the other puppets. One of the thugs at the hotel, Scott found Pinhead and began to poke at him, Pinhead retaliated by punching him in the face and breaking his jaw. Scott then tried to attack Pinhead with a rolling pin but Jester hit him with a mallet and knocked him out which caused Pinhead to cheer and laugh. Pinhead then dragged him into a locked room out of sight. The Totem then began killing all the men in the hotel and the puppets set out to search for it. Pinhead found the Totem but it teleported into a locked room before he could attack it. After this Pinhead began punching the door to try and break it down but the Totem returned and tried to maul him, but Blade arrived and rescued him. Susie returned to the hotel to look for Rick and to gather the puppets. Susie asked Pinhead where Rick was and he shrugged his shoulders as he didn't know. Dr. Jennings then confronted Rick and tried to knock him out with a flashlight so that he could not prevent him from stealing the puppets.

The puppets witnessed Dr. Jennings doing this and so they surrounded him and Pinhead pulled open an elevator shaft, Torch then shot a flame at him which made him fall down the elevator shaft to his death. Later that night the hotel had turned into a big battle ground. The puppets and the Totem were fighting in the main lobby, the puppets were being lead by Decapitron, who spoke to them from beyond the grave, giving them tips on how to defeat the Totem. Pinhead helped Decapitron by pulling off his head and replacing it with different ones to be used throughout the fight. After the long battle Decapitron used all of his energy to kill the Totem which caused the entire lobby to explode. All of the puppets were damaged in the destruction but were taken back to Rick's house to be repaired. At Rick's home Pinhead had gained a habit of peeking on Susie in the shower but she only found it humorous and told him not to.

Puppet Master: The Legacy

Pinhead was very weak and barely alive by this point and was running out of his magic elixir. He was laying dormant with the other puppets at the Bodega Bay Inn's basement with Peter Hertz. When Maclain broke in and tried to steal the secrets from Peter. Pinhead woke up briefly and threw a hammer at her head, injuring her and making her drop her gun allowing Peter tp pick it up and shoot her. She would eventually bleed to death from the wound.

Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys

Sometime in the 2000's Robert Toulon, the great-grandnephew of Andre Toulon had inherited four of the puppets. After reading through all of the journals left behind and experimenting, Robert and his daughter Alexandra kept failing at trying to recreate the magic that brings the puppets to life. One winter day however they discovered that their family blood was sacred and contained the ingredients to replicate the magic. They both would cut their fingers and bleed into a specially made potion a injected it into the puppets waking them up for the first time in many years. Pinhead's costume looked very different during this time, he now had two eyes, his sweater was bright read, his pants and gloves were brown and he was very thin.

Robert then introduced himself to them they gained his trust and Pinhead shook Alexandra's hand. During this point there was a secret spy bot placed into Robert's home lead to a camera to the office of Erica Sharpe, the CEO of Sharpe Toys Industries, a satanic company. Erica had known all about the Toulon legacy and been obsessed with owning the puppets. She already owned the Demonic Toys but grew to loathe them as they were not loyal like the puppets were. Once she saw that they were alive she ordered two thugs who worked for her to break into Robert's house and steal them. When the two men broke into the house, the puppets attacked them. Pinhead jumped on one of them and attempted to strangle him to death, then Six-Shooter fired bullets at them but missed and accidentally shot some of Robert's flammable potions which caused the room to catch on fire.

The two thugs escaped but the puppets were burnt very badly and Pinhead's hands were extremely burnt. Robert escaped to his mother's mansion to protect the magic and repaired the puppets with robotic parts. Pinheads hands were replaced with strong robotic fists and he punched a pillow into pieces to test them out on. Robert discovered Erica's plan to execute all the children of America on Christmas day as part of a blood sacrifice for the demon Bael and managed to get the local police sergeant Jessica Russel to believe him. On Christmas Eve Erica's thugs tracked down Robert's location and kidnapped his daughter and put the puppets into a bullet proof steel case and took them back to their company building. Robert and Erica followed after them and recruited with the puppets. The bullet proof case was no match for Six-Shooter's new laser guns and Pinhead's robotic fists and the puppets broke out.

Robert was almost killed by one of the Demonic Toys, Jack Attack but Blade cut his tail off, then Jester passed him to Pinhead who tied him up to a box so he could not move. Robert then took the puppets to the secret underground dungeon of the building where his daughter was about to be sacrificed to Bael. Blade, Jester and Pinhead fought with the Demonic Toys, while Robert, Jessica and Six-Shooter fought the demon worshippers. Pinhead rescued Robert from one of the demon worshippers by punching him in the forehead, he then grabbed onto Baby Oopsie Daisy who farted on him and made them both blast into the air like a rocket. Pinhead then began punching him in the face repeatedly, then squeezed his head causing all of his green blood to spray out of his eye holes, then finally he punched him into a flaming pit that lead to Hell.

After the puppets had killed all of the demonic toys and Jessica had shot most of the demon worshippers, one of them with their last ounce of breath shot Pinhead's right arm off. After this there was nobody to operate the mechanical iron maiden that Alexandra was inside of and she was not sacrificed in time for Christmas morning, which was just approaching so Bael took Erica to Hell with him, ending the madness. Pinhead and the other three puppets were taken back home with Robert but first he made a promise with Jessica that she wouldn't tell the police force about his puppets, which she agreed on.

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

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Eternity Comics

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Action Lab Comics

Halloween 1988

One year before the main 1989 events of the first Puppet Master movie, Neil Gallagher had recently uncovered the hiding place of the puppets at the Bodega Bay Inn. On Halloween Neil took the puppets to Pi Kappa Sig sorority house where he commanded the puppets to kill the college girls that were staying there so that he could see how effective each puppet was and also use the girl's corpses as new human test subjects so that he could perfect the elixir to work on humans. The puppets then followed Neil's orders and started to kill all of the girls there one by one.

Pinhead killed one of the girls named Kirsten by shoving a candy apple down her throat, he then tried to kill Laura by grabbing her legs from under the bed, but she managed to handcuff him to a wall and escape. After the puppets killed all of the girls, Neil was angry at how they carried out the murders and because all of the bodies were too badly mutilated, he couldn't use them for his experiments so he told the puppets that they would have to do it again another day.

Halloween 1989

A few months after the main events of the first Puppet Master movie, Megan Gallagher had taken over as the puppet's new master and she let them roam free around the hotel and act as guards for her. During Halloween a teenage boy had broke into the hotel dressed as a demon to play a prank on her. The puppets attacked him and killed him as they thought he was a real monster coming in to kill Megan.

Then the puppets unmasked him and realized it was just a boy, so they dragged his body down into a cavern below the hotel to hide it. In the cavern were four of the boy's friends who witnessed the puppets dragging his corpse, so the puppets were forced to kill them too. The next morning Megan woke up and had no idea about what hat happened.

The Offering

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Boy of Wood

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Blood Debt

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Retro Now

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Curtain Call

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  • In the first five movies and Axis of Evil, Pinhead had real human hands in some scenes.
  • His retro version was a different puppet and had a soul of a beggar that Andre Toulon knew.
  • He was the crews favorite puppet on the set of the first movie.
  • After Jester hits Scott in the crotch with a mallet Pinhead can be heard laughing in Puppet Master 5.


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