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Puppet Master X: Axis Rising is the tenth film in the Puppet Master series. It is a direct sequel to Axis of Evil and introduces new puppets named Blitzkrieg, Bombshell, Kamikaze and Weremacht, who fight alongside the Nazis. It was released on October 9th, 2012 exclusively at the online store for Full Moon Horror, Full Moon Directand will be available in Redbox locations on October 23, 2012.


Ozu, the villain from the previous film, walks down a dark alley only to be stopped by Moebius, a Nazi general. Ozu offers him the puppet Tunneler, which she stole, in exchange for her freedom. Moebius gladly takes the prize, which immediately kills SS Soldier #1, and he "sets her free" by shooting her in the head. While this takes place, the puppet Blade watches from the shadows. The next morning, Danny and Beth are recovering at Danny's house. Danny tells the rest of the puppets that he couldn't revive Ninja, but they will get back Tunneler. Blade appears and informs them of Ozu's death and Tunneler's capture by the Nazis. Danny and Beth respond to a knock at the door only to be grabbed by mysterious men in suits. Meanwhile, in a secret lab in Chinatown, Docter Freuhoffer, a German doctor with a fixation on dolls, is working for Moebius to develop a machine that can reanimate the dead. The seductive Uschi, a Nazi, tries to motivate the doctor only to be interrupted by Moebius. He demands a demonstration of the machine. He brings in a Japanese man and slits his throat. The machine makes him walk for a moment only for him to decay and fall down. Freuhoffer promises to fix the machine. Moebius reminds him that if he doesn't, his daughter will be killed. He then presents him with Tunneler to study.

Danny and Beth are revealed to have been taken to a military base. Major Collins commends them for thwarting the bombing of the weapons factory. He also informs Danny that General Porter will be in town and that he will present him with a medal. To protect them, he has Sergeant Stone assigned as their bodyguard. Back at the lab, Moebius and Uschi are discussing the machine and what it will mean for him. A soldier enters and informs him of General Porter's arrival. Back at Beth's house, Stone is settling in and getting on Beth's nerves with his sexist attitude. Back at the lab, Freuhoffer is examining Tunneler when Uschi enters and tries to again seduce him. Moebius enters and in a rage shoots Uschi through the head. Danny, Beth, and Stone eat and discuss how they can help their cause when Danny thinks Stone should be introduced to the puppets. Freuhoffer tries using the fluid he extracted from Tunneler in his machine to revive Uschi but it fails. Danny introduces a dumbfounded Stone to the puppets and tells him that the Nazi's have one of them that needs to be recovered. Freuhoffer shows Moebius his newest creation, Bombshell, a puppet made in Uschi's image with machineguns in her chest. Moebius, while amused, still wants his machine completed.

Danny and the others take Blade and Pinhead to Chinatown to locate the Nazi base. They are ambushed by Bombshell and must retreat. Bombshell returns to the lab and Freuhoffer presents three other puppets Weremacht, a werewolf, Blitzkrieg, a tank, and Kamikaze, a walking bomb. Danny and the others are preparing for the award ceremony when Leech Woman tries to tell them something. During the awards, Freuhoffer's puppets attack, and kill Major Collins. Danny's puppets take them on but are beaten back. Porter, grateful to Danny, allows him to enter the army. Danny and the others ponder how to stop the Nazi puppets when Leech Woman pulls out Six-shooter's head. They locate the lab and take out the Nazi guards. Once inside, they locate and recover Tunneler, but are stopped by Moebius and Freuhoffer's puppets. The puppets fight and this time the Nazi puppets are beaten. Beth holds Freuhoffer at gunpoint, but lets him explain himself. Moebius and Stone fight and just as Stone gets the upperhand, Moebius stabs and kills him. Moebius comes at Danny, but is shot down by Six-shooter. Moebius, still alive, pulls out a gun and plans to shoot Danny, who states "Never screw with America". Blade then comes from behind and stabs Moebius. Beth and Freuhoffer come out and tells Kamikaze to detonate, destroying the lab and Moebius. Danny and Beth let Freuhoffer go but as he leaves the others didn't notice he has a bottle of the puppets fluid


  • Torch was thought to appear in the film, but fans mistook him for Blitzkreig.
  • Six-Shooter's outfit has been redesigned to an all black look.
  • Pinhead's outfit has been redesigned to an all black look.
  • Ninja does not appear in the Film, as he did not survive the events in 'Axis of Evil'. This kicks off the Plot in the Opening Scene.





Information from IMDB

Directed by 

Charles Band

Writing Credits  

Charles Band ... (story)
Shane Bitterling ... (written by)


[1] Kip Canyon ... Danny
[2] Jean Louise O'Sullivan ... Beth
[3] Oto Brezina ... Freuhoffer
[4] Scott King ... Moebius (as Scott Anthony King)
[5] Brad Potts ... Sgt. Stone
[6] Kurt Sinclair ... Major Collins
[7] Stephanie Sanditz ... Uschi / Bombshell
[8] Paul Thomas Arnold ... General Porter
[9] Terumi Shimazu ... Ozu
[10] Ian Roberts ... SS Soldier #1
[11] Jesse Hlubik ... SS Soldier #2
[12] Michael Ulmer ... SS Soldier #3
[13] Glenn Zhang ... Chinese Man
[14] Ryan Dillon ... Man #1 (as Ryan Dillan)
[15] Steven Haworth ... Nazi Soldier #1 (as Nigel McGuinness)
[16] Cory Kipp ... Nazi Soldier #2
[17] John Anthony Hackert ... Photographer (as John Hackert)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
[18] Martin Harris ... Nazi Soldier (voice) (as Martin William Harris)
[19] Max Hermans ... Nazi
[20] Samantha Holman ... Trenchcoat Bystander
[21] Kenichi Iwabuchi ... Kamikaze (voice)
[22] Danielle Stewart ... Leech Woman (voice)
[23] Mike V. Szuc ... Mr. gifford
[24] Waymond Lee ... Chinatown Pedestrian (uncredited)

Produced by 

Sean W. Adamson Jr. ... special executive producer
Nicole A. Adamson ... special executive producer
Ric Anderson ... special executive producer
Samuel Arellano Jr. ... special executive producer
Tony Aronovitz ... special executive producer
Charles Band ... producer
Patrick Shawn Bennett ... special executive producer (as Patrick Bennett)
Michael Bianchi ... special executive producer
Nick Blaskowski ... special executive producer
Brian T. Bonanno ... special executive producer (as Brian Bonanno)
Brandon Bunker ... special executive producer
Ryan Byczek ... special executive producer
James Collar ... special executive producer
Dale Collins ... special executive producer
Ken Colston ... special executive producer
Ted Colston ... special executive producer
Mike Crosmaz ... special executive producer
Paul Alexander Darkins ... special executive producer
Steve Deering ... special executive producer
Brendan Deininger ... special executive producer
Doug Dietrich ... special executive producer
David DiPillo ... special executive producer
Danny Draven ... executive producer
Rick Dunlap ... special executive producer
Vincent Dunlap ... special executive producer
Kriss Ellis-Stansfield ... special executive producer
Abel Flores ... special executive producer
Garrett Thomas Gainey ... special executive producer (as Garret Gainey)
Matthew Gilbert ... special executive producer
Marco Gomez ... executive producer
James Greenshields ... special executive producer
Grant Grover ... special executive producer
John Anthony Hackert ... co-producer (as John Hackert)
Richard Heiss ... special executive producer
Kory Helmick ... special executive producer
Carsten Holz ... special executive producer
Nicholas Iannucci ... special executive producer
Marty Imperial ... special executive producer
Nicholas Michael Jacobs ... special executive producer (as Nicholas Jacobs)
Theodore Kan ... special executive producer
Jesse Kekic ... special executive producer
Katy Kekic ... special executive producer
Randy Kekic ... special executive producer
Michael Edward Kennedy Jr. ... special executive producer
Robert Kern III ... special executive producer
Ariel Krupnik ... special executive producer
Nicholas Kubik ... special executive producer
Lorrie Lucas ... special executive producer
Brittnee McConaghy ... special executive producer
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Brian Olson ... special executive producer
Daniel Ordonez ... special executive producer
Michael Paradine ... special executive producer
Marc Pearce ... special executive producer
Billy Peck ... special executive producer
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John Schouweiler ... co-producer / line producer
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Harold 'Ed' Smith ... special executive producer
Rohan Smith ... special executive producer
Mark Spieckerman ... special executive producer
Greg Stanina ... special executive producer
Eric Walker ... special executive producer
Roger Ward ... special executive producer
Ryan Weir ... special executive producer
Travis Youmans ... special executive producer

Music by 

Richard Band

Cinematography by 

Terrance Ryker ... director of photography

Film Editing by 

Danny Draven

Casting By 

Jeremiah Lutes

Production Design by 

Billy Jett

Art Direction by 

Bryan Stanis

Costume Design by 

Jolene Withers

Makeup Department 

Michelle Denering ... additional hair stylist / additional makeup artist
Caitlin Martini ... additional hair stylist (as Caitlyn Martini) / additional makeup artist (as Caitlyn Martini)
Traci E. Smithe ... key hair stylist (as Traci Smithe) / key makeup artist (as Traci Smithe)

Production Management 

Nakai Nelson ... production manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director 

Joshua Lou Friedman ... first assistant director
Helena Stallings ... second second assistant director
Buz Wallick ... second second assistant director (as Buz Danger Wallick)

Art Department 

Ryan Brookhart ... key art
Mitch Rosario ... set construction

Sound Department 

Kenny Klimak ... sound designer: Barking Dog Sound (as Kenneth Klimak)
Andy Theiss ... sound mixer

Special Effects by 

Christopher Bergschneider ... designer/creator: Axis Puppets
Dave Corsile ... puppet effects / special makeup effects
Jaime Dahms ... puppet effects / special makeup effects
Tom Devlin ... mold shop: 1313 FX / puppet effects / special makeup effects
Mike Loiselle ... mold shop: 1313 FX
Martina Sykes ... puppet effects / special makeup effects
Andrea Wiersma ... mold shop: 1313 FX / puppet effects / special makeup effects

Camera and Electrical Department 

Jon Archibald ... electrician / grip
Sebastian Bueno ... best boy electrician / best boy grip
Bill Christie ... electrician / grip
Lance Fisher ... camera operator: "b" camera
Harry Hope ... gaffer
Bo Johnson ... digital imaging technician / second assistant camera: "a" camera / second assistant camera: "b" camera
Aaron Judlowe ... first assistant camera: "a" camera
Orlando Ordonez ... electrician / grip
Andy Parke ... camera operator: "b" camera
Jim Sheldon ... still photographer
Lara Solanki ... still photographer
Marcos Valadez ... electrician (as Marcos Vadadez) / grip (as Marcos Vadadez)
Marc Villafan ... assistant camera: "b" camera (as Mark Villafan)
Jack L. Zeman ... still photographer (as Jack Zeman)

Casting Department 

Christine Barger ... casting assistant

Costume and Wardrobe Department 

Lola Devlin ... puppet costumes: original puppet costumes
Courtney Potter ... costume supervisor
Frances Scott ... costume designer: Axis Puppets

Editorial Department 

Danny Draven ... assistant editor (as Henry Gordon Jago)
J.D. Funari ... trailer editor (uncredited)
Jeffrey Alan Jones ... colorist (uncredited)

Music Department 

Robert Douglas ... composer: additional music
Jojo Draven ... composer: official trailer (uncredited)

Script and Continuity Department 

Ian Irizarry ... script supervisor

Other crew 

Harlan Band ... production assistant: Full Moon
Karl Benacci ... production assistant
Christopher Bergschneider ... puppeteer
Angeli Cajucom ... production insurance
Briana J. Castaneda ... key set production assistant
Dave Corsile ... puppeteer
Jaime Dahms ... puppeteer
Daniel Del Pozzo ... craft service
Tom Devlin ... puppeteer
Scott Fricke ... puppeteer
Samantha Holman ... production assistant
Ry Mantione ... director of marketing: Full Moon
Nakai Nelson ... production accountant
Leroy Patterson ... production assistant
Jazmine Preacely ... production assistant
Colin Rodgers ... epk producer (as Colin Rogers)
Martina Sykes ... puppeteer (as Martina Sykes Geiger)
Andrea Wiersma ... puppeteer


Jennifer Charnofsky ... special thanks
Leslie Evans ... special thanks
Jesse Menendez ... special thanks
Joel Unangst ... special thanks