Retro-Pinhead was Andre Toulon's first ever living puppet. During 1902 Toulon had learnt the secret of life from the sorcerer Afzel, but Toulon wasn't sure if the old man was mad or if he was telling the truth. That is until Toulon found one of his friends, a friendly homeless man dead outside his theater. He bought the body inside and practiced the magic by putting the homeless man's soul into one of his puppets. It had worked and the puppet came to life, the puppet was scared and ran away to hide. When Sutekh's mummies arrived to steal the secret back from Toulon, Retro-Pinhead fought them using his fists and rope.

Many years later during the second World War, a German truck driver was executed in the gas chambers by Nazis for smuggling food to the Jewish ghettos. Toulon bought him back as a puppet with large hands and a small head called Pinhead, who could have been a homage to Retro-Pinhead.




  • He was the first puppet Toulon (with the help of Afzel) brought to life.