Sgt. Jessica Russell


Vs. Demonic Toys


Silvia Suvadová



Sgt. Jessica Russell is a police officer that Robert Toulon has a crush on. Robert first meets her when Erica Sharpe's satanic cult members break into his workshop, Six-Shooter shoots at them which knocks over chemicals and blows up the lab, his neighbors call the police and she arrives. When Robert learns about Erica's plan to kill all the children on Christmas, he tries to get Jessica on his side but it isn't easy, but when she is attacked by three of Erica's demonic toys she believes Robert and she helps them to save Christmas. She meets Toulon's puppets and they begin to trust her, she seems to like Pinhead the most and touches his hand.


  • Puppet Master Vs. Demonic Toys


  • On the Region 2 DVD description, it says that Jessica Russell knew about the Demonic Toys from the character from the original Demonic Toys movie Judith Gray, but the movie never mentions this.
  • She is a Bulgarian actress so all of her dialogue was dubbed in by an American voice actress.