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Sutekh is the evil ancient unholy God of chaos, disaster, deserts, and darkness and the original owner of the ancient secret magic of eternal life that was stolen by a wizard named Afzel in Cairo, Egypt many years ago. Afzel claimed that Sutekh would rise in a thousand years and the only defense against him was within the magic. When Afzel stole the secret, Sutekh woke three royal mummies from a tomb in Egypt and sent them to destroy him and take back the secret. Afzel escaped to Paris, France in 1902 and passed the secret onto Andre Toulon and then committed suicide so they could not find it, but the mummies were smarter than he thought and traced it to Toulon, they killed all of Toulon's friends and kidnapped his wife-to-be Elsa. Toulon used his new found magic to bring his puppets to life using the souls of his deceased friends and fought the mummies and saved Elsa. Many years later Rick Myers, a young scientist found Toulon's puppets while working at the Bodega Bay Inn hotel. Sutekh sent three little monsters known as Totems to kill Rick and take back the magic, but with with the help of the puppets and Toulon in the form of a ghost guide, they killed all of the Totems. Sutekh then transferred his own soul into a more powerful Totem that he called his ultimate creation and went to get the magic himself. Toulon had mastered the powers too well and using the Decapitron he killed Sutekh's Totem avatar and destroyed the Underworld where Sutekh lived. It is unknown what happened to Sutekh after this.

Action Lab Comics

In the Rebirth story arc of the comics it is confirmed that Sutekh had died along with his Totem. His corpse is discovered when Blade cuts off one of the Totem's head and Decapitron uses it as his head which enables him to access the portal to the Underworld, it is there that Decapitron sees Anapa, Sutekh's son who is taking over from him.


  • Sutekh is another name for the dark Egyptian God of the desert, Set.
  • In Egyptian mythology, Sutekh killed his brother Osiris (the God of resurrection and after life) only to have Isis bring him back to life as ruler of the underworld.
  • None of the actors who voiced Sutekh in the series have been credited.