Swiss Ambassador




Aurelian Popa



The Swiss Ambassador is Elsa's father who owned the Swiss Embassy in Paris, France during 1902. He was a very strict man that did not let his daughter go outside and forced her to stay in her room with a guard watching over her, and only let her out to dance with his colleagues at celebration balls. When Elsa broke his rules and went out one night to see a puppet show she saw Andre Toulon who was the owner of the theater and immediately had feelings for him. After the performance Elsa headed home but saw an old man get beaten up by two thugs and knocked on the theater door for help, there she got to know Toulon very briefly and he paid for a horse carriage to take her home.

Elsa went out again the next night to deliver a love letter to Toulon but the guards from the embassy followed her and they took her and Toulon back to the embassy. Elsa's father punished her by threatening to send her back to Geneva in the following days, and insulted Toulon and ordered his henchmen to beat him up and dump him in the middle of the snow. When Sutekh's Mummy Servants attacked the embassy, it is unknown if Elsa's father was killed by them or not because he was not seen.


  • Retro Puppet Master