Trading Cards


  • 1989 (holographic cards)
  • 1991 (sticker cards)
  • 1997 (collector cards)
  • 2010 (movie poster cards)
Trading Cards with pictures and biographies of each of the puppets.

Holographic cards

These cards were released as a promotion for the very first movie back in 1989. These cards featured Pinhead, Blade, Jester, Leech Woman, Tunneler and the movie poster that would change its image if seen at a different angle.

Sticker cards

In 1991 Full Moon released cards of Torch, Blade, Tunneler, Jester and Pinhead as a promotion for the second movie. These cards also could be peeled off of their base and be used as stickers.

Action figure cards

These cards were released as supplements with the Action Figures of the late 90's.

Collector cards

In 1997 Full Moon released a box of collector cards for most of the movie franchises that they had made. Each of the cards included artwork of one of the puppets as well as detailed information about them.

Movie poster cards

In 2010 Full Moon released cards with each of the puppets and movie posters as a promotion for Axis of Evil. These cards could be purchased from Fullmoondirect or could be found inside the Toulon's trunk Blu-ray box.